Morgan Elementary School fifth grader Zachary Melnicki and fourth grader Trevor Doan compete in the Responsibility Relay Oct. 17, 2103.

First graders Maxine Yang, Jaina Navata and Adrian Lopez and kindergartener Katie Mason demonstrate following directions and rules Oct. 17, 2013.

Morgan Elementary School first grade students dance to the “Six Pillar Shuffle” Oct. 17, 2013.

Students at Morgan Elementary School celebrated Week of Respect by participating in a variety of classroom lessons and activities that were developed to facilitate and foster respect of self and respect of others.

The week’s activities culminated in “Character Counts to Super Heroes Day” with outdoor games. The students participated in the Responsibility Backpack Relay, Respect Rules and Fairness game, the Aiming to be Bully Free/Baskets Against Bullies ball shoot game, and the Six Pillar Shuffle dance station with pompoms and a DJ.