Fall cleanup and snow removal among services provided by Blue Chip Lawn Service

Blue Chip Lawn Service, family owned and operated for more than 40 years, has long been a mainstay in the local lawn-care industry.

Doug Tkacs started the Pennington-based company more than four decades ago. Eight years ago, daughter Tammy Tkacs-Sadovy bought the company from her dad along with her business partner, Frank Sadovy.

Blue Chip Lawn Service serves most of Mercer County, providing a variety of seasonal services depending on customers’ needs. Lawn maintenance — i.e., lawnmowing — is the beating heart of the business, but Blue Chip’s staff can help out all over the yard.

In addition to lawn maintenance, the company offers fertilization and weed control services, lawn renovation (including aeration and overseeding), shrub and tree pruning, edging and mulching and tree and shrub transplanting.

With leaves about to fall off the trees, many people in the area may be starting to dread the onset of raking season. But Blue Chip Lawn Service can help. They offer one-time cleanup services as well as regularly scheduled jobs.

Fall cleanup entails removing all fallen leaves and limbs from the property, including landscape beds. In terms of disposal, customers may have a choice if their town does leaf collection. Blue Chip will leave the debris on the curb for pickup, if applicable. If not, or if customers prefer, they will also haul it away for a fee.

Tkacs-Sadovy said sometimes they can finish a fall cleanup in one visit, but larger yards or those with more trees may necessitate a second appointment.

The size of the job can also affect scheduling. For smaller jobs, Blue Chip Lawn Service is usually able to get started pretty quickly. However, sometimes bigger jobs take more time to get onto the schedule. Blue Chip also offers spring cleanup services.

As the weather turns colder, Tkacs-Sadovy’s thoughts turn to snow removal. Blue Chip utilizes snowplows, snowblowers and manpower to tackle winter’s white blankets.

While last year’s winter was a mild one, the heavy snowfalls of 2010 and 2011 made those years some of the busiest in the company’s history.

“It seemed like every time you turned around, another foot was on the ground,” she said.

Customers interested in snow removal service go on a list, and whenever it snows, those on the list will have their driveways and sidewalks cleared. The heavier the snowfall or more treacherous the ice, the longer it may take for customers to receive service.

While those who are not on the list can call at any time to request a snow removal, they would not be serviced until all the existing customers were already taken care of. But Tkacs-Sadovy said sometimes, when snowfall is lighter, she’s able to schedule new customers to be serviced in less time.

For snow removal, customers are charged per appearance. The company offers commercial snow removal services as well.

Blue Chip Lawn Service will do sitework, including grading, seeding and sod, site clearing and brush removal.

In terms of lawnmowing, Blue Chip’s basic services is for once-a-week service. Sometimes, depending on the situation, every-other-week service is also possible.

When it comes to landscape design, Blue Chip can do anything from renovation of an older layout to building a brand new design from nothing. Tkacs-Sadovy said she is always happy to make a site visit and provide an estimate of how much the work would cost.

As with the other services, the bigger job, the more time that is required before work can begin, but they usually get started within two weeks. Tkacs-Sadovy said all prices are based on a per-man, per-hour basis.

In the decades since Doug Tkacs founded the company, the lawncare industry has become more competitive.

“The business is absolutely more challenging than it was 40 years ago,” said Tkacs-Sadovy, who resides in Pennington. “I always stress our customer service. We have very competitive pricing. We take a lot of pride in our work. We have experienced employees, and since we’re owner operated, we’re on site making sure everything is done the way we’d want it done if it was our own property. Our work speaks for itself.”

She also said that her dad is still involved with the company.

“His help and knowledge has been very valuable,” she said.

For more information, call (609) 730-0991, or go online bluechiplawnservice.com.