Spin Doctor majority partner Cathy Neilley stands by one of her facility’s machines in August. (Staff photo by Kait Kelly.)

Spin Doctor Laundromat in Hamilton offers convenience and top-of-the-line appliances to customers.

The folks at Spin Doctor Laundromat in Kuser Plaza want to change the way people view laundromats.

Majority partner Cathy Neilley has been working on some ways to set her facility apart from the others. She has focused on the overall appearance of the facility, an automated card system and top of the line appliances.

“The greatest joy is seeing the look on people’s faces when they walk in here,” Neilley said. “We’re changing the paradigm of what a laundromat should be. We’re not what people are expecting.”

Spin Doctor Laundromat’s interior was thoughtfully designed. Since many patrons are juggling laundry baskets, detergent and more into the business, Spin Doctor has provided automated doors to slide open and closed for convenience purposes.

In the waiting area, the laundromat offers plenty of seating as well as a wide variety of magazines and a Mega Touch game screen, much like the ones seen at bars.

Spin Doctor Laundromat also provides a dedicated child play area, supplying books and educational items to keep the little ones busy. A window in the play area leads into the office, so workers can keep an eye on the children while the parents can focus on their washing, drying and folding.

Throughout the bright, air conditioned space, there are alternating tables. There are ones for sitting and relaxing, and others for folding purposes.

In the back of the store, you can purchase snacks, beverages and even forgotten items such as Tide detergent or Downy fabric softener at the Soap Center.

In another thoughtful decision, Spin Doctor Laundromat implemented an automated card system. Whether you’re a worker or a customer, everything is done electronically through an automated card. Entering the facility, patrons approach the X Changer machine. At this machine, you can deposit money onto your card, check your balance, activity and more.

Because everyone is given a card, there is no reason to check your cushions for change and lug that baggie around any longer.

“Laundromats are often associated with crime,” Neilley said. “Since people usually have to carry cash, they become an easy target for robbery. With the automated card system, there’s not a lot of cash and quarters here.”

That, combined with their security cameras and alarms, makes them a safe and convenient environment for those in need of their services.

Above all, Neilley believes Spin Doctor Laundromat’s appliances are what really set them apart. They currently have 41 Electrolux washers and 36 Electrolux dryers. Electrolux washers and dryers claim to get your clothes cleaner than any other appliance, featuring the fastest wash time and largest capacity.

Spin Doctor has three different size Electrolux washers, the largest holding 77 lbs.

“It’s probably the biggest in the tri-state area,” Neilley said.

All washers are dial control, as well as water controlled, which means the washer weighs the clothing so no excess water is tossed around. Neilley said this not only preserves the water usage, but helps from damaging clothes.

Spin Doctor also has certain machines with a dog and cat pictured above the dials. These machines are to be used for items containing a lot of pet hair.

“Some people are allergic to pet hair,” Neilley said. “Designating pet items to certain washers allows us to clean them more often and prevent anyone from having an outbreak.”

The 45 lb. dryers at Spin Doctor offer four different temperatures and time settings in five-minute increments. The most unique part of the Electrolux appliances, however, is their texting capabilities.

“If you want, the machine can text you when you’re clothes are done,” Neilley said. “You can also text in to find out how many machines are available before you even leave your house.”

Neilley said Electrolux is a very popular brand overseas, and they are trying hard to bring them over here.

“Their technology is what really won me over,” Neilley said.

Neilley has been more than pleased with progress her facility has made in only the year it has been open. She said the business has grown between 7-10 percent a month and has high hopes for keeping those numbers up.

“A lot of people think we’re a franchise because of our look and popularity,” Neilley said. “We’re actually seriously considering turning this into one.”

On Sept. 13, Neilley and the rest of the Spin Doctor Laundromat team will be hosting a Family Karaoke Night in celebration of the business’ one-year anniversary.

“I think it will be a fun a night,” she said.

Spin Doctor Laundromat is located at 1070 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road in Hamilton. It is open 7 days a week from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. For more information, call (609) 981-7746. On the Web: spindoctorlaundromat.com