Kennedy’s Cheesecakes offers gluten-free and sugar-free items along with other confections.

When Rob and Angela Foti heard the owner of Angelo’s Cheesecakes in Kuser Plaza was selling the business, they instantly thought it would be a good opportunity.

After visiting the store to sample the product, they were more than pleased, and with that, their decision was made.

The Fotis decided to name the new store Kennedy’s Cheesecakes after their daughter Kennedy. Their son, Dylan, had no problem with this under one condition:

“If we ever buy a Lego store, we name it Dylan’s Legos,” Angela recalled her son saying.

On Sept. 14, 2012—Kennedy’s birthday—Kennedy’s Cheesecakes officially opened up shop in Angelo’s former Kuser Plaza location, providing Mercer County with everything from cheesecakes to fruit skin-cupped sorbets.

Rob and Angela said they have big plans for the future of Kennedy’s Cheesecakes.

“We feel like this is an untapped market,” Rob said. “Where else can you get mini cannolis or sorbets? You can’t find those things anymore. The days of the corner deli or bakery are ending. Now, you have to go to a grocery store, but even there, it’s very generic.”

Rob said Kennedy’s offers 40 different styles of cheesecakes and 25 different specialty cakes.

Rob and Angela are looking forward to growing their business. They said they want to be successful in not only Hamilton, but all over.

“We think that this can be a good model for a franchise opportunity,” Rob said. “That’s an important piece to this puzzle. We want something we can grow with.”

Rob and Angela said their business model focuses on three key components: convenience, good product and good value.

“Everything nowadays is based on convenience,” Rob said. “We’re trying to bring convenience to the dessert market. Bakery items tend to have a short shelf life. We sell something that you can actually buy and put in your freezer for a week, two weeks, three weeks or however long until you need it.”

Rob and Angela said their product is so good, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a fresh and defrosted cheesecake. They thank their vendors for that.

Kennedy’s Cheesecakes plans on becoming even more convenient in the near future when they launch their online ordering option.

But even without online ordering, the owners are very pleased with the recognition and solid customer base the business has been getting.

“We’re ordering constantly,” Angela said. “Everything has a quick turnaround here. I haven’t really seen anything that’s not moving.”

Though everything has been in demand, Kennedy’s Cheesecakes’ top-sellers seem to be their mini cannolis and their black and white chocolate mousse cake. Also, their gluten-free cheesecakes and no-sugar-added cheesecakes seem to be surprising customers.

“We sell a lot of gluten-free stuff,” Angela said. “Most gluten-free things I’ve tried elsewhere aren’t very good, but I actually prefer our gluten-free cheesecake over the regular. The only difference is a slightly thinner crust.”

Kennedy’s Cheesecakes is also available to make your gatherings and celebrations sweeter. Their party trays have been a popular item for communions, birthdays and more. They said the key to their party trays is letting the customers decide what’s included.

“If you want five brownies, six cannolis, four cookies and three crumb cakes, we can do that,” Angela said. “Whatever you want; it’s up to you.”

Kennedy’s Cheesecakes is also helping out neighborhood restaurants by providing local wholesale on their desert items. Rob and Angela said you may have gone to a restaurant and had a Kennedy’s Cheesecakes product without even knowing it.

“We’ve had cannolis at restaurants that were ours,” Angela said.

Aside from growing their business, Rob and Angela see this opportunity as a great learning experience for their children. They said it’s a chance for them to learn responsibility, work ethic and give them an opportunity to see what it’s like to start a business.

“The most important lesson I think it gives them is the value of giving back,” Rob said. “We work with the Trenton Thunder. We do a lot of fundraising with schools and organizations. We donated a ton of cheesecakes to the National Guard when they were helping the hurricane victims by providing them with a Thanksgiving dinner. It’s important for our kids to see that and learn its importance.”

All in all, Rob and Angela can’t deny they are having fun.

“This is just a really good fit for us,” Rob said.

Kennedy’s Cheesecakes is located at 1062 White Horse Avenue in Kuser Plaza. Call: (609) 585-1099. On the web: Store hours: Tuesday through Friday—Noon to 7 p.m. Saturday—11 a.m. to 7 p.m. Sunday—11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Closed on Monday.