Let’s Yo in Lawrence offers customers abundant flavor and topping options

The first time Benjamin Baron and his three partners—Boris Shtorler, Dimitry Meksin and Alex Fleyshmakher—visited a Let’s Yo frozen yogurt shop, they fell in love with it.

On Dec. 1, 2012, they opened up their very own in Mercer Mall. With years of managerial experience in the restaurant industry under his belt, Baron was the ideal candidate to run the new location.

Since then, Let’s Yo has been doing its part to provide Lawrence with a fun, hands-on, sweet dessert experience. It offers original flavors such as Dreamy Dark Chocolate and Banana Rama, and allows customers to be the ones to fill their cups, so they can mix and match flavors and pour on all the gummy bears and fresh strawberries they want. Once the cup is full, customers can sit at any one of the various chairs that have an iPad hooked up right in front of them to make their frozen yogurt experience all the more enjoyable.

Baron said Let’s Yo carries a little bit of everything to give options to their patrons, offering 21 frozen yogurt flavors daily. Baron said each flavor is healthy, being either nonfat, lowfat or no sugar added.

Baron said the store also makes sure to carry two sorbets. Since sorbets are nondairy, they provide a safe and tasty option to those who are lactose intolerant.

“We try to give everyone options,” Baron said. “We try to make it broad, so that everyone can pick and choose what they want.”

Aside from frozen yogurt and sorbet, Let’s Yo also makes its own waffles, waffle cones, smoothies, milkshakes, coffee and yo-pies, which are the store’s take on a nontraditional birthday cake.

With the exception of the various options offered at Let’s Yo, Baron said what really sets them apart from other frozen yogurt establishments is the atmosphere and experience.

“My favorite part about running this is the attraction to the people,” Baron said. “Every day you have new customers and their expressions are like ‘wow’ because it’s breathtaking.”

Baron believes what makes the store so breathtaking is the bright colors, various seating and, of course, the array of iPads.

“That’s our franchise niche,” Baron said. “We all have the iPads. The kids come in here and play on the iPads for a half hour while the parents sit on the couch and read their books. People just get lost in here.”

Baron said all of these components are done to make the store as comfortable as possible for its customers.

The atmosphere has been so comfortable to customers, in fact, that inquiries have begun pouring in regarding hosting birthday parties. Baron said that’s something Let’s Yo is definitely interested in getting involved with.

Aside from birthday parties, Let’s Yo is also looking to get involved in fundraisers throughout the community.

“I’d like to do something with a local camp this summer, or maybe have a field trip here,” Baron said. “We’ve had two groups of parents come in with their kids’ softball and baseball teams asking about fundraisers. That’s definitely the next step for us.”

If you haven’t tried Let’s Yo yet, Baron suggests you come in to sample the basics like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, or to get creative with some of their specialty flavors like Ooey Gooey Cin A Bun and Sea Salt Caramel Pretzel.

“They just taste phenomenal,” he said.

Let’s Yo is located 3349 U.S. Hwy 1, space 67 in Mercer Mall. Phone: (609) 580-1620. On the web: letsyoyogurt.com or search “Let’s Yo Lawrenceville” on Facebook.