Ewing High School’s top 10 scholars, as determined by class rank, are, rear row: Anthony Tucker-Bartley, Leah Griff, Kristianna Chanda, Katsiaryna Lohinava, Jonathan Hentmaker and Blake Lawson. Front row: Rhianna Cornelius, Nour Srouji, Lynsey Mickolas and Amber Soden. (Photo by Mark Wetherbee Jr.)

Ewing High School’s top 10 students as ranked by GPA represent a diverse group whose career choices include forensic scientist, physician assistant, doctor, lawyer, actor, engineer, and archeologist. Two are still uncertain of their eventual career path.

They plan to go to schools across the country, although several will be attending New Jersey colleges, including Princeton University. Each of the Top 10 seniors had GPAs above 4.0, ranging from 4.49 for number one, to 4.09 for the number 10 student.

Their extracurricular activities covered a wide range of interests including band, Math League, National Honor Society, Spring Musical, Peer leadership, Rotary Interact, FIRST Robotics Team, Handbell Choir, Anime Club, UNICEF Club. Several are hoping to continue playing collegiate sports including cheerleading, field hockey, football, and tennis.

The Ewing High School Class of 2013 graduates on Saturday, June 22. The ceremony will be from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. at Sun Bank Arena in Trenton.

The students are listed in order of their class rank.

#1 Jonathan Hentmaker

Tufts University

GPA: 4.498

Schools: Lore, Fisher

Clubs: Frescoes, Rotary Interact Club, Math League, Marching/Concert Band

Sports: Tennis

Favorite memory: “Playing in the dodge ball tournament and being on the tennis team.”

Memorable quote: Life will find a way.

#2 Blake Lawson

Princeton University (computer science)

GPA: 4.982

Clubs: National Honor Society, FIRST Robotics Team, Peer Tutoring, Math League

Sports: Tennis

Memorable quote: Do, or do not. There is no try. –Yoda

#3 Nour Srouji

Rutgers University (chemical engineering)


GPA: 4.451

Schools: Ocean Twp Elementary (00-03); Antheil (03-06); Fisher (06-09)

Clubs: National Honor Society, FIRST Robotics, Handbell Choir, Anime Club

Sports: Field Hockey, Track, Lacrosse

Favorite memories: “My favorite memory was going on my first away trip to Dallas, Texas with the FIRST RObotics Team. The hotel was beautiful: it had an ice skating rink and a mall in it, and the competition was amazing. To top it off, we won both the regional and the Chairman’s Award, qualifying our team and robot for the World Championship event which was being held in Atlanta that year.”

Memorable quote: Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right.” –Henry Ford

#4 Leah Griff

Tisch School of the Arts at NYU (acting)


GPA: 4.425

Schools: Lore (00-06); Fisher (06-07); Villa Victoria (07-09)

Clubs: National Honor Society, Peer Leadership, Odyssey of the Mind, Drama Club, Spring Musical, Environmental Earth Club, Rotary Interact

Favorite memory: “My favorite memories from high school definitely come from the spring musicals and Odyssey of the Mind. More specifically, I love my memory of winning States for Odyssey this year. The team put in a lot of work and since the competition was at Ewing High, we had a lot of pressure. We did the last problem and were in the oldest division, so we were literally the last group to find out our place. The waiting and nervousness made finding out we won even better.”

#5 Amber Soden

King’s College

Physician’s Assistant

GPA: 4.353

Schools: Antheil (01-06); Fisher (06-09)

Clubs: National Honor Society, Handbell Choir, Spring Musical Pit Orchestra

Sports: field hockey, lacrosse

Collegiate sports: Field Hockey

Favorite memory: “My fondest memory would have to be my freshman year English experience with Mr. Besler. He was a teacher who was there for me from the beginning, and is still there for me even now. One of the funniest times in his class was when my friends and I ‘kidnapped’ his teddy bear that we called ‘Ojo’ since it represented the Philadelphia Eagles (and I am a Dallas Cowboys fan). We ransomed him until our demands were met: one lesson taught outside on the tennis courts, in the sun.”

Memorable quote: You see us as you want to see us … in the simplest terms and the most convenient definitions. –The Breakfast Club

#6 Lynsey Mickolas

Penn State (forensic science)

FBI Agent/Forensic Scientist

GPA: 4.312

Schools: Antheil (00-02); Lore (02-06); Fisher (06-09)

Clubs: National Honor Society, Peer Leadership, Marching Band

Sports: Cheerleading (captain)

Collegiate sports: Probably cheerleading

Favorite memories: “Being on the cheerleading team and becoming close with the girls and learning new skills. Peer Leadership experience and growing as a person and becoming close with everyone in the class. Making all of my long-lasting friends.”

Memorable quote: Never say never.

#7 Kristianna Chanda

Elmira College (biology/psychology/criminal justice)

Neuroscience or Law Enforcement

GPA: 4.145

Schools: Antheil (00-01); Parkway (01-06); Fisher (06-09)

Clubs: Art Club, Key Club, UNICEF Club, Anime Club

Sports: Tennis

Collegiate sports: Tennis

Favorite memory: “In general, my favorite memories are from the tennis team and extracurricular clubs and activities.”

Memorable quote: Happiness lies in the joy of achievement and the thrill of creative effort. –Franklin Delano Roosevelt

#8 Anthony Tucker-Bartley

Wagner College (biology/pre-med)


GPA: 4.100

Schools: Parkway (02-06); Fisher (06-09)

Clubs: National Honor Society, Peer Leadership

Sports: Football, Lacrosse, Swimming, Track

Collegiate sports: maybe football

Favorite memory: “In sophomore year, my friends and I formed a dodge ball team and competed against more than six other teams. In our junior year we finally won the championship! To win with friends is better than winning alone.”

Memorable quote: If one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours. –Henry David Thoreau

#9 Rhianna Cornelius

Kent State (archaeology)


GPA: 4.09

Schools: Parkway, Fisher

Clubs: School Musical, Mastersingers, Art Club

Sports: Field Hockey

Favorite memories: “My favorite memory from high school was my time spent participating as a member of the chorus for the spring musical and working my way up to a lead role in my junior and senior years. It was a pleasure working with so many creative and talented people, and no feeling beat having your hard work displayed under the hot stage lights for the community to see.”

Memorable quote: Shoot for the moon: even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

#10 Katsiaryna Lohinava

University of Pittsburgh (neuroscience)


GPA: 4.073

Schools: Antheil (00-06); Fisher (06-09)

Clubs: Student Government (class vice president), Key Club/Habitat for Humanity, Math League

Sports: Soccer, swimming

Collegiate sports: Soccer, volleyball (intramurals)