It has been a long winter for the Bordentown Regional High School baseball team. The squad was half an inning away from winning the division title on May 15 of last season. After already defeating the squad earlier in the season, the Scotties led rival Holy Cross up until the top of the seventh inning, when the Lancers staged a comeback and snatched the division away with a 4-2 victory. “Watching those kids and their faces after that game, the disappointment, knowing how hard they worked, that was tough,” head coach Chris Glenn said. “One pitch, and the division went out the window.” The boys are ready to redeem themselves. “Coming back, they’re hungrier,” Glenn said. “They know what they want now. They want to win. We haven’t had a banner on the wall for baseball in in quite a long time. It’s something that I think they’re hungry for.” Nobody is hungrier than Austin Papp. The senior pitcher was the starter in both of the Holy Cross games last season. “During the offseason, all I could think about was how the outcome changed from the first game to the second game,” he said. “I just want redemption.” Papp and Pat Donohue are Glenn’s main weapons in terms of pitching. He said either could be the squad’s top starter. “In a lot of other clubs, they could each be the number one pitcher,” Glenn said. “Either one of them I would throw against any of our opponents any day.” Glenn said his supporting hurlers, Kyle Kafer, Nick Callahan and Austin Chaszar, will all play key roles. Pitching, Glenn said, is by far his squad’s greatest strength. He expect a lot of low-scoring, tight games, but he hopes to see his offense rise to the occasion and prevent them. “I’m hoping to improve upon that, where our offense can kind of pick up our pitchers,” he said. “We had guys throw great games last year and come away with losses. We had a lot of close games where our offense just didn’t come through. Those kids have a year of experience, so I hope we improve upon that.” The Scotties have a few big bats that could help them reach that goal. Tommy Walters is a junior who Glenn calls the team’s best player. Cullen Carter is the cleanup hitter who almost always does his job. Both are within striking distance of 100 career hits, a feat which only one other player in school history has been able to accomplish. Glenn is looking forward to both of them reaching the milestone, for their sakes and the team’s. “The two of them are really good friends, so it’s kind of like a friendly rivalry between them, which is good,” he said. “I think them pushing each other is going to make them better. I’m excited to see that as we go through. I’ve said to them, if they have the seasons they’re capable of, they’re going to get there. If they get there, that means we’re doing well.” Carter, a senior, is ready to hit the mark in his final season. “That’s probably my number one goal,” he said. “I want to make a name for myself here.” The squad is also looking towards Joe Cashman, a sophomore newcomer who has had a strong start to the season. He is slated to start at shortstop, which Glenn said is a relief to Papp. “Austin has been playing short for us, but if we can move him to second, it will give his arm a little bit of a break,” Glenn said. “We’re hoping Joe can fill that role. So far, it looks like he can.” Both Papp and Carter have noticed Cashman’s prowess. “He’s really going to help out the team this year,” Carter said. “We’re excited about that. We feel pretty good.” Glenn hopes a reinvigorated offense will be just what the team needs to set it over the edge and capture that long-awaited division title. “We were right there,” Glenn said. “This season, with a lot of those guys coming back, we’re looking to kind of get that push over the top where we can actually win the division. Everybody wants to win. That’s why they play.”