A Northern Burlington Regional High School art teacher developed an education program that is being used internationally. Eric Gibbons, who also teaches at The Firehouse Gallery, integrates art education into subject he thinks have more prominence in schools like math and history. He is also changing the way students’ art assignments are evaluated. Traditionally, a teacher sets up a task and student are imitate it and are graded on how close their art looks to the original. While Gibbons’ agrees with this methods’ emphasis on learning technique, he thinks it stunts creativity. He suggests art teachers set up a problem and ask students to solve it, which in turn will help connect art to other subjects. Tested on student in his art classes, his program has encouraging results. Guidance counselor Joan DeGregorio said Gibbons’ students are 50 percent less likely to fail the High School Proficiency Assessment, a standardized test administered by the New Jersey Department of Education. Gibbon’s details his method in his book, The Art Student’s Workbook, which is for sale on Amazon and purchased by buyers in the United Kingdom and Europe. Additionally, South Texas High School for Medical Professionals and other schools in the U.S. use the program. St. Mary’s Catholic School in Bordentown has also adopted the program. Gibbons teaches summer camps at The Firehouse Gallery. Registration was set to begin March 1.