Lawrence-based venture capital firm Edison Ventures is investing in two information technology companies, one of them deadly serious, the other, not so much.

March 11, Edison announced it was investing $9.5 million in medical systems provider Lincor. March 14, they announced a $5 million investment in casual games developer Arkadium.

Lincor’s MEDIVista platform, which includes software, servers and patient terminals, helps hospital staff communicate and store and share records and images. For patients, Lincor provides multimedia entertainment, education and communications services. Lincor’s products are used in more than 100 hospitals.

Edison principal Lenard Marcus said Lincor’s technology had proven itself, and that they had a good record of keeping clients.

“Hospitals utilizing the technology have demonstrated increased physician-patient interactions, lower patient re-admissions, and an improvement in clinical outcomes,” he said.

Lincor is headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., with offices in Cork, Ireland.

Couple-owned studio Arkadium develops casual games for the web and the windows platform. They created the versions of Minesweeper, Mahjongg and Solitaire that come with the Windows 8 operating system in addition to puzzle games like Taptiles and Mahjongg Dimensions. Arkadium’s simple, quick-to-play games are available on Facebook, mobile phones and other platforms. Edison principal Ryan Ziegler called Arkadium a high-growth technology company and praised its “powerful distribution relationships.”

Arkadium is based in New York and has offices in Canada and Ukraine.