IVF New Jersey Fertility Center has been “making little miracles come true since 1990.” For the last 10 ½ years, Dr. Melissa Yih has been doing her part to help carry out these miracles.

IVF New Jersey Fertility Center works with people who have been unsuccessful getting pregnant. The center offers complete testing services, and they advise patients on their best options for infertility treatment.

Dr. Yih said her favorite part of the job is helping people create families. In one case, she aided a patient who was told she couldn’t carry a pregnancy because her uterus was an abnormal shape. The patient had looked into using a gestational carrier, which involves transferring her embryos into a third party.

But, after evaluating the patient, Dr. Yih told her she couldn’t see any reason why she couldn’t carry her own pregnancy. The patient wound up getting pregnant with the help of IVF New Jersey Fertility Center, had a completely healthy pregnancy, carried it to full term and now has a little girl.

“She got to carry her own child, whereas, when she had seen other people, they told her there was no way,” Dr. Yih said. “I actually ran into her with her little girl when I was doing errands one day. It was so nice to see the family together.”

Dr. Yih said the atmosphere and set-up of IVF New Jersey Fertility Center itself only enhances her enjoyment and her ability to help patients.

Aside from the Hamilton office where Dr. Yih works, IVF New Jersey Fertility Center has a headquarters in Somerset, as well as offices in Freehold, Short Hills and New York City. Dr. Yih said the smaller offices are more intimate and allow not only the patients to feel at ease, but for them to have a more personal relationship with their doctor. The Hamilton office opened in 2008.

“Because there is a doctor in each office, that one doctor focuses on that patient’s care,” Dr. Yih said. “If they come in for blood work or an ultrasound, and they need results called back to them, they get a phone call from their doctor that day with their results and what they need to do moving forward. I think that’s pretty unique in this day and age. We really try to make that effort, so if the patients have any further questions, they actually have us on the phone and they don’t have to try to track us down.”

Dr. Yih also said there is no limit to the care she can provide her patients.

“Pretty much every technological thing that you can do in our field, we can provide,” Dr. Yih said. “It’s nice to be able to supply that type of care.”

The level of care they provide speaks for itself in their statistics. According to Dr. Yih, IVF New Jersey Fertility Center has an egg donation clinical pregnancy rate of 81 percent. The other success rates are based on age. For example, if someone does in vitro fertilization, the clinical pregnancy rate can be anywhere from 54 percent for patients 33 and under to 28 percent for those over 40.

More than the success rates, Dr. Yih said the most important thing to her is educating people on when to seek help.

“Sometimes, we’ll see people who have been trying to conceive for 10 years, and then by the time they get to us, they’re in their mid-40s,” Dr Yih said. “The problem with fertility is as you get older, it becomes much harder to get pregnant, especially when you’re over 40. I really try to encourage people to come in earlier.”

IVF New Jersey Fertility Center offers a program to encourage women to come in earlier. “The Biological Clock Program” allows women to come in and have their egg reserve tested. Dr. Yih said one of the biggest things that can prevent you from getting pregnant is having a low egg reserve.

If you’re thinking of getting pregnant, or you’re having difficulty getting pregnant, you can simply come in for an ultrasound to have your ovaries checked for an antral follicle count and to have your blood work done to check hormone levels. When the doctors put all this information together, Dr. Yih said it gives them an idea of what your egg reserve is like. If someone does find their egg reserve is on the lower side, doctors will be able to present them with alternative options earlier.

Aside from educating people, IVF New Jersey Fertility Center also tries to help their patients to afford procedures by offering financial options.

“If somebody doesn’t have insurance coverage, we have discounted rates for all of our treatments,” Dr. Yih said. “We also work with a financing company, so if somebody needs to take out a loan to pay for some of the treatments, we can help them with that. We also work with a program called Attain, which can help couples make in vitro fertilization financially possible.”

If someone doesn’t have coverage, Dr. Yih said it shouldn’t stop them from taking a shot at having their own miracle come true.

IVF New Jersey Fertility Center’s Hamilton office is located at 3379 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 105. Phone: (609) 799-5666. Website: ivfnj.com.