The Hamilton Partnership chairman Greg Blair stands with panel members Frank Lucchesi of PSE&G, Julia Algeo of Maser Consulting, Lee Boss of Mercadien Group, Randy Hanks of First Choice Bank, Gary Forshner of Stark & Stark, Tom Troy of Sharbell Development and Jack Blair of Nottingham Insurance and Jack Rafferty, Executive Director of The Hamilton Partnership at After Hurricane Sandy – Planning for the Next Superstorm on Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013.

The Hamilton Partnership sponsored a panel discussion titled Jan. 9 at the Hamilton Hilton Garden Inn.

The discussion, titled After Hurricane Sandy – Planning for the Next Superstorm, was open to homeowners and business owners.

Hamilton Partnership’s executive director said residents are concerned about the impact of the storm on businesses and their homes. Attendants had questions about insurance coverage, tax implications and the rebuilding process.

The panel included representatives from PSE&G, Maser Counsulting, First Choice Bank, Mercadien Group, Stark & Stark, Sharbell Development and Nottingham Insurance. Mayor Kelly A. Yaede also spoke.

Chairman of the Board, Greg Blair thinks the panel helped alleviate some participants’ concerns.

“The diverse members of our panel addressed a range of issues that will have benefit not only now, as business- and homeowners continue to recover and rebuild from Hurricane Sandy, but as they make plans for any future events of this nature,” Blair said.

The Hamilton Partnership is a public private partnership created to make government more accessible to business, commerce and industry. Its members include businesses based in or conducting their business in Hamilton Township.

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