Seeing Eye dog trainers Samantha Mohr, Ruth Freudenfels, Caroline Waksmunski, Tom Swenticky, Isabel Kinney, who stars as Helen Keller, Jerri Dynof , Marian Ju-Scozzare and Rebecca Casey visited the cast of The Miracle Worker at a dress rehearsal Jan. 30, 2013. (Photo by Joram Freudenfels)

Seeing eye dogs visited the cast of The Miracle Worker Jan. 30.

Pennington Players actress Isabel Kinney, who plays Helen Keller in the theatre’s adaption of The Miracle Worker, is raising a Labrador puppy names Alu for The Seeing Eye, Inc. based in Morristown.

Kinney’s mom Noel said her daughter wanted to train a puppy after attending a Seeing Eye Middlesex chapter meeting with a friend. The mother of eight was unsure but said she enjoys having Alu around the house with her six children.

“There’s always some chaos around here,” she says of her bustling household, which has turned out to be a great environment for a dog that must learn to behave well in the face of multiple stimuli,” Noel Kinney said.

Trainers brought their dogs to a dress rehearsal to visit Kinney and take the dogs to an unfamiliar setting to further prepare them for guidance.

The Miracle Worker is set for Feb. 8 through 10.

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