A photographer taken in Venice, Italy by Pennington artists Arthur Firestone. His photographs are set to be displayed at PEAC Health & Fitness in February.

PEAC Health & Fitness is set to display works by a Pennignton photographer.

As part of Art on Display, PEAC will exhibit photos by Arthur Firestone in February at its facility, 1440 Lower Ferry Road, Ewing.

Firestone is a retired educator, school administrator, author, and organizational consultant. He has been a photographer for 40 years, capturing images on his travels abroad as well as the U.S.

PEAC’s marketing coordinator, Christine Tentillucci, said Firestone’s photographs focus on the physical beauty of a region with an emphasis in color, shape, texture and design.

The photos to be displayed at PEAC are predominately from Tanzania, France and Italy.

PEAC’s Art on Display program features a local artist or organization each month.

More information is online at peachealthfitness.com.