Ben Franklin School principal Chris Turnbull stands with David Krisak of K&J Lawncare & Landscaping who laid the first brick of the school’s 50th anniversary walkway held by students Alessandro Scerlata, Mia Scarlata, Nicole White, Jacob Henry and Ayanna Jaikishen Thursday, Jan. 17, 2013. The brick laying was part of the school’s celebration of Benjamin Franklin’s birthday.

Ben Franklin School celebrates its namesakes’ birthday Jan. 17.

In honor of Benjamin Franklin’s birthday, students watched the film “Ben & Me.”

The school said Benjamin Franklin made a special visit.

The school also started construction of its 50th anniversary walkway.

As part of the celebration, K & J Lawncare and Landscaping laid the first brick of the walkway.

The school said bricks were donated by families, community members and local businesses.

Ben Franklin Elementary School Celebrates Benjamin Franklin’s Birthday