"Chasing Ice" is set to be screened Saturday, Feb 2, 2013 at 7 p.m. as part of Princeton Public Library’s Environmental Film Festival. The festival is set to run Jan. 24 to Feb. 10.

Princeton Public Library is set to host its seventh Environmental Film Festival.

The film festival is scheduled to open Jan. 24 and run until Feb. 10.

Festival founder Susan Conlon said this year’s theme is A Sense of Place.

“A mindset including how we feel about and relate to both the natural and built environments of our homes and communities, it is the force that drives many of those featured in this year’s films,” Conlon said.

The festival is set to open with “You’ve Been Trumped” at 7 p.m. Conlon said the film is about Donald Trump and the residents of Scotland who opposed the expensive golf course he planned to build.

The festival is set to close with “The Island President” at 4 p.m. Conlon said the film follows Maldives’ president Mohamed Nasheed who is trying to contain the rising sea level around his country.

Conlon said many of the film screenings are accompanied by talks with the filmmakers or other environmental experts.

She said all of the film screenings are free.

A complete schedule of films and speakers is online at community.princetonlibrary.org/peff.