Trenton Club Board of Governors member Jim Rose with Wendi Nardi of the Trenton Library’s Trentoniana Collection and fellow member Tony Carabelli. The Trenton Club donated historical artifacts to the Trentoniana Collection.

Trenton Club prepares to close its doors by donating its historical artifacts to library.

The 128-year-old Trenton Club recently sold its building at 476 West State Street. Club officers donated some of the club’s artifacts to Trenton Public Library’s Trentoniana Collection.

Trenton Club Board of Governors said in a statement they are happy that the club’s legacy will have a place to live on.

“Closing the Trenton Club was one of the saddest tasks we had to do, but we’re honored to have our history preserved in the Trentoniana room. People will have access to this extraordinary piece of Trenton history for years to come,” Board of Governors members Tony Carabelli, Jim Rose, Carl Carabelli and Bob Lande said.

The Trenton Club was founded in 1884 as the Trenton Bicycle Club. The club said it was the place for steel cable and fine porcelain manufacturing executives to relax.

The club said it donated membership rosters, trophies, squash boards winners, and photos to the library.

The Trentoniana Collection is housed at Trenton Free Public Library, 120 Academy St., Trenton.

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