Robbinsville High School Robotics Team member Uddhav Joglekar and second graders Alexander Henderson and Christian Addeo launch LEGO pieces using the catapult they built at Robotics Discovery Day in December.

Elementary school students learned about engineering at Robotics Discovery Day Dec. 8 and 9.

Robbinsville High School’s Robotics Team 2590 hosted their fourth annual Discovery Day.

Robotics Team supervisor, Joy Wolfe, said Discovery Day allows younger students to explore engineering.

“Discovery Day allows these kids to imagine what they want and then hold it in their hands,” Wolfe said, “a child can visualize their dream car, and then drive it down the hallway in less than an hour. We’re opening their minds to the world of engineering.”

Wolfe said more than 80 children participated in the event at the high school’s Technology Lab.

Wolfe said younger students created drag racer cars they could control with a remote and race for the best time.

Wolfe said older students made catapults and competed to see who could launch a LEGO piece the farthest. Uddhav Joglekar led the winning team, who launched their LEGO piece six inches.

Students also drove the team’s latest competition robot, “Prince.” Wolfe said the robot is capable of picking up foam basketballs and shooting them into baskets.