By Steve Mayer

With the Dec. 11 passage of the facilities referendum, our school district was able to celebrate the holiday season a few days early.

I am deeply appreciative that our community affirmed the work of our schools by supporting a set of building projects designed to help us move forward in a healthy fashion. We understand that parents and community members rely upon their school leaders and Board of Education members to design programs and use resources in a way that reflect community values. Even as we celebrate being able to move on to the initial phase of the projects, we do so mindfully, recognizing our duty to be wise stewards of district resources.

What makes a successful school district? In the simplest of terms, we think a strong school district is one that opens opportunities for all children. We believe that every student should be empowered to choose his/her future rather than having it defined by circumstance or chance.

This, in turn, means that our work must anchor to a set of strong learning experiences and a clear sense of community. It means that the every adult in our system must model a commitment to learning and to the belief that success is within the reach of every individual. This coupled with an abiding sense that each person’s contribution matters will help us move forward in the healthiest of ways.

The New Year will be full of construction-related activities as we manage the projects at Pond Road and Sharon School, but our most important work by far will continue to take place in our classrooms. I am deeply grateful for a community that supports education and for a faculty and staff that understand how to create conditions where kids are both challenged and nurtured. This year our New Year’s resolution is simply an extension of our commitment to invest our time and energy into making our schools as strong as they can be. We are grateful that you set high expectations for us and for your children. And we count it a privilege to work on your behalf.

I trust that 2013 will bring health and joy to you and your family. The holiday season is a wonderful time of year to pause and reflect on the good that comes from living in community like ours, one that sticks together through triumph and trial. It is good to start a new year as a member of the Robbinsville community. Thank you for your ongoing support.

Steve Mayer is the superintendent of Robbinsville schools.