This year’s mediators are: (Front row, left to right): Angela Aparicio Burgoa; Chandni Brahmbhatt; Synai McNair; Sarah Urias, Heaven Juarez and Zachary Mondragon. (Middle row, left to right): Amelia Sypniewski, Anna Kolomatskaia, Elizabeth Claros, Adam Greaux and Muhammad Kazmi. (Top row, left to right): Sahil Patel, Nicole Sledziewska, Eric Komaniecki and Sana Raza.

Slackwood Elementary School selected 15 third-grade students as peer mediators for the 2012-2013 school year. The students give up recess once each week to learn the skills of being a peer mediator. Once trained, they perform a skit for students to demonstrate what occurs during a mediation. Students who have a conflict with a friend can then request a mediation. School counselor Melanie Seaman heads the club at school and oversees all mediations.