In other news, with a unanimous vote, Council formally adopted the town’s new massage parlor ordinance which provides registration requirements for massage establishments (WW-P News, June 22). The action comes after years of illegal prostitution in homes set up as massage businesses disturbing West Windsor neighborhoods.

– Council approved a contract of $137,326 for M.N.C. General Contracting of Old Bridge for the 2012 sidewalk repair program. The cause of several recent sidewalk breaks in town has been traced to some trees that were planted by the township, and Maher said this is an example of West Windsor causing its own problems.

Councilman Maher asked for the administration to have Township Landscape Architect Dan Dobromilsky and Municipal Land Use Manager Sam Surtees present Council with a policy on how trees should be planted on sidewalks and where, so the township can avoid such repair costs in the future.

“A few months ago on 571 near the new Rite Aid, they planted trees right underneath telephone poles. We know that in five years PSE&G is going to be out there hacking the trees up and it will look horrible. We need to have a plan in place to think about this,” Maher said.

Schmid agreed to ask the township staff to prepare such guidelines for Council.

– Council approved a $220,909 shared services agreement with the Mercer County Improvement Authority for curbside recycling services.

– A public hearing will be held at the Monday, October 29, Council meeting for amending the parking ordinance at the West Windsor Parking Authority property and permit parking regulations.