Bette and Neil Schenkel stand behind the prescription counter at Alexander’s Twin Pharmacy. (Photo by Abigail Pillitteri.)
Bette and Neil Schenkel stand behind the prescription counter at Alexander’s Twin Pharmacy. (Photo by Abigail Pillitteri.)

Alexander’s Twin Pharmacy has existed for more than 65 years, but its owners think the last year has been perhaps the most exciting in the business’ history.

Owned by pharmacists Bette and Neil Schenkel for the last 20 years, the pharmacy recently moved from its location on South Olden Avenue to a bigger, more modern location on Whitehorse-Mercerville Road in Hamilton.

“We have a much larger facility here,” Bette Schenkel said. “Everything is brand new.”

The Schenkels pride themselves on customer satisfaction and service, and the new location allows them the space to focus on that. In fact, their store was voted Top Pharmacy in Mercer County in a local poll. Bette Schenkel said that specialization and a variety of services set them apart from other pharmacies.

“We’re a full-service pharmacy,” she said. “We offer prescriptions, we offer free delivery, we accept all insurance cards, and we also specialize. We specialize in fertility products, chemo, diabetic medications, and anything that is difficult to obtain or unusual from the typical practice of pharmacy.”

The business has two full-time drivers who deliver to customers in the area. The Schenkels also try to keep their prices competitive with larger pharmacies like CVS and Rite Aid. Both personally and financially, the owners said that the pharmacy and its staff are attentive and accommodating to customers’ needs in a way they say their competitors are not.

“We’ll always get on the phone and talk to someone 24/7 with a question,” Neil Schenkel said. “People will always call, and a lot of times they’re embarrassed to ask a question, but we’ll get it out of them, and I guess they turn around and appreciate that.”

Both Bette and Neil Schenkel are pharmacists themselves, and one or both of them is always on staff in the store. They have worked with their support team for an extended period of time, and most of the staff know many customers by name. The owners believe that their accommodating nature and familiarity keeps customers coming back.

“We’re willing to give that extra effort to help patients who are having difficulty finding things when other pharmacies aren’t willing to order things that are special or unique,” Neil Schenkel said. He added, “We try to handle all kinds of compoundual medicines, injectural medicines, cancer medicines, diabetic medicines, and not only that, we try to give back to the community as much as possible.”

The owners have sponsored a number of sports teams, PTA events, dance events, activities with the Mercer Arc and other activities over the years.

“We live a pretty normal lifestyle, and we just enjoy servicing the community,” Neil Schenkel said.

While the pharmacy is tucked into the plaza behind Fame restaurant, customers continue to find the business. The staff is busy yet attentive to both regulars and newcomers.

“We’re very busy,” Neil Schenkel said. “We’re thankful for that.”

Alexander’s Twin Pharmacy is located at 1060 Whitehorse-Mercerville Road in Hamilton in the plaza across the street from K-Mart. Phone: (609) 585-7222.