By John Leaver

Artists from around the area gathered in Bordentown July 14 to participate in “Paint the Town En Plein Air,” an event that allows artists to explore the town and paint what interests them. The next day, July 15, the paintings were presented and sold at the Farnsworth Gallery.

Two such artists that made the trip to Bordentown were Robbinsville resident Abigail Pillitteri and Southern New Jersey artist Joe Rademan.

Both thought Bordentown was the perfect venue for the event because of its history and many noteworthy aspects.

“Bordentown is really just a historical town. There are a lot of stories that happened here,” Pillitreri said. “There are also just a lot of sides of the town. You have the water, the yacht club, Farnsworth Avenue with the galleries, restaurants. There is a lot to do and … a lot of different things to paint.”

Rademan’s discovery of Bordentown just happened on the Fourth of July, when he first became enchanted with the town.

“I’ve been by on 295 many times, seeing the little marina there, and that’s quite scenic,” Rademan said. “And to go through the town, it’s really an amazing place.”

Rademan, who specializes in painting peaceful landscapes and seascapes, had his art station set up on the edge of the marina. There, he painted a tributary scene.

“I love to paint water, so water is something that attracts me as far as painting, and that’s what brought me down to this location,” Rademan said.

Pillitteri was also drawn to the water, but instead painted a blue anchor that rests next to the train tracks located in front of the Yacht Club.

“I like the anchor because it’s big. It’s in a good secluded area of the town,” said Pillitteri, who in contrast to Rademan, enjoys focusing on single objects rather than an entire scene. “I don’t have too many distractions, and it’s the style I prefer to paint.”

Rademen is an art director who also has experience working for newspapers, such as the Philadelphia Inquirer, and only started painting six years ago.

“I decided at that time I wanted to start painting and living here in South Jersey,” Rademan said. “There are a lot of sights to see and gave it a shot. I’ve had a little bit of success. I’m in a couple of galleries … It’s nice to be out here (in Bordentown) instead of in front of a computer screen.”

Pillitteri is not a professional painter; it’s just a hobby she enjoys, along with writing poetry.

“It’s not my area of expertise in terms of education, but it’s something I can always do,” she said.

To view more of Rademan and Pillitteri’s works, go online to and, respectively. For more information about future events happening at the Farnsworth Gallery, go online to