Joseph and Renee Fisher of Nesting Egg. (Photo courtesy of Renee Fisher.)
Joseph and Renee Fisher of Nesting Egg. (Photo courtesy of Renee Fisher.)

When Joseph Fisher was looking into care options for his parents, who suffered from cancer, he realized he wanted to find a way to provide an even better care service, according to his wife and business partner, Renee Fisher.

In the 14 months since the couple first began developing a new caregiving option, the duo has recruited employees and opened Nesting Egg, the resulting homecare service. Joseph Fisher serves as Nesting Egg’s CEO, Renee Fisher as the COO.

The business began taking clients in January. According to the US Census Bureau, data collected through July 1, 2010 showed over 40 million Americans—13 percent of the population—aged 65 and older. That number is predicted to increase to nearly 89 million by 2050, comprising 20 percent of the projected population.

“The demographic force, along with advances in medicine, make for a very compelling business for us,” Renee Fisher said.

All of Nesting Egg’s caregivers—who are exclusive to Nesting Egg—are licensed in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and have Certified Home Health Aide certification. Some employees are also registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, and certified nursing assistants. Care through Nesting Egg is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, though the Fishers are looking into approval. The business serves clients throughout New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Nesting Egg is a “premium homecare service agency,” Renee Fisher said.

It offers services ranging from the duties demanded by 24-hour care to occasional relief for people caring for family members. Although the most popular services are those aimed at the elderly, Nesting Egg also provides care for new and expecting mothers, and work as hospital sitters for patients whose relatives are unable to accompany them at all times.

Clients are paired with licensed caregivers using interviews, personality tests and in-person consultations to make matches that benefit both parties.

What sets Nesting Egg apart from other homecare service providers is its commitment to providing care “based on stimulating activities to help preserve interest in life and [care] that encourages independence and self reliance,” Joseph Fisher said in an email.

From discussions about books and movies to interactive programming using the latest technology, the daily activities in which clients participate help to stimulate them mentally, physically and spiritually. Caregivers are available to provide as much or as little care as is necessary.

Joseph Fisher noted one of Nesting Egg’s goals is enabling clients to maintain the highest possible level of independent living for as long as possible.

Joseph Fisher earned a master’s in clinical immunology, and Renee Fisher a master’s in nutrition. They both worked in the pharmaceutical business for more than a decade prior to opening Nesting Egg, which helped them develop the business plans for Nesting Egg, Renee said.

Joseph Fisher hoped for many years to run his own homecare service. His mother became a caregiver after retiring from her nursing profession, and he worked as a caregiver while attending college in New York.

The most rewarding aspect of Renee’s work with Nesting Egg thus far has been the ability to give somebody an opportunity to thrive and to grow and be stimulated, she said.

“This feeling of being able to help others and being able to provide a service to those people that desperately need it is the most rewarding and the most wonderful feeling you can get,” she said.

Nesting Egg is located at 66 Witherspoon St., Suite 302, in Princeton.

Phone: (888) 335-3537.