By John Leaver

Bordentown’s grocery market became a bit more competitive when Bottom Dollar Food opened its doors April 20.

Bottom Dollar’s emphasis is on lower prices and a smaller selection of brand name products, and its arrival was met with much customer excitement. On opening weekend, the parking lot was busy with shoppers constantly entering and exiting the building.

For many customers, the store’s opening on the corner of Route 130 and Farnsworth Avenue was their first experience at a Bottom Dollar.

Though Acme is less then two miles away, Bottom Dollar’s location is more accessible to foot traffic from Bordentown Township and City residents. In fact, the location used to be an Acme before the building was left vacant for several years.

Both Bordentown residents and people from the surrounding towns had varying opinions about the new store.

Kimberly Davis of Yardville was especially pleased with what she got out her first Bottom Dollar experience.

“The savings and the fresh produce, those are the two main things. I spent 58 dollars and ten cents and only paid 48 dollars and ten cents with a ten dollar saving and got a whole basket full of groceries,” a cheerful Davis said.

Chesterfield resident Ed Hunt liked what he saw in the pricing of some name brand products.

“Can’t beat Shop-Rite for convenience, but I will certainly come down the road to get some items that I find of particular value here,” Hunt said.

The location of Bottom Dollar off of Route 130 makes it easy to find, and seemed to do quite well in drawing people from neighboring towns.

Ray Belonzi of Columbus mentioned the advantage to having a new store close by.

“It might be the primary [store to visit]. It’s on the way to any other store, so it’s a great location for us,” he said.

However, while some customers may go to check Bottom Dollar out, they may not be convinced.

Pat Hervey of Roebling, a regular Acme shopper, said she was curious to see what Bottom Dollar’s prices were, but that there are some things at Acme she enjoys too much to leave behind.

“I like the service here and I like the deli,” Hervey said. “I might go back and forth.”

With a number of positive customer reviews its opening weekend, it might be easy to envision Bottom Dollar Food thriving in this new location.

But for one customer, loyalty still counts for something.

Acme patron and Bordentown resident Barbara O’Connor will likely not set foot in another supermarket if she can help it.

“I have been to other Bottom Dollars and I’ve never gone into them … so why bother now. I’m too old to be changing,” she said.