Rotisserie Flair co-owner Ashleigh Gomes stands inside her restaurant on the Hamilton side of Foxmoor Shopping Center. (Staff photo by John Leaver.)
Rotisserie Flair co-owner Ashleigh Gomes stands inside her restaurant on the Hamilton side of Foxmoor Shopping Center. (Staff photo by John Leaver.)

The mystique of Rotisserie Flair began when the owners had a sign put up over a year ago in the Foxmoor Shopping Center, with no hint of what the business was or when it was opening.

Now, the flair has arrived, and all questions have been answered. Rotisserie Flair opened for the first time March 29 in the former location of Anthony’s Chicken and Chicken Holiday. Much like its predecessors, the restaurant will specialize in chicken—but Rotisserie Flair has a different twist.

“Everything here is flavored so that’s what we’re going for,” co-owner Ashleigh Gomes said. “That’s where the concept began because really it came down to a day where we were saying to ourselves, ‘we’re sick of the pizza, sick of the Chinese food, even sick of the sushi.’ So that’s really why we’re here: to cater to an entire community to help give them another option, a healthy option, something that they don’t normally get on this scale as far as takeout goes.”

Rotisserie Flair is also family owned and operated, which heavily influenced the style, flavor and quality of the food produced, Gomes said.

“Family is really what this restaurant revolves around,” Gomes said. “We are a family that owns it and we want to cater to families. Kind of bring a bit of what we enjoy to other people as well and there’s a lot of love and dedication that goes into our food.”

Meats at Rotisserie Flair are oven roasted; there is no rotisserie. But Gomes explained the name of her restaurant came from the definition of the word “rotisserie.”

“We settled on Rotisserie Flair because we are offering rotisserie chicken but with kinda an extra ‘oomph,’ so that’s where the flair comes in,” Gomes said. “Even though we don’t have a typical rotating rotisserie, rotisserie in French translation really means roasted, that’s what we’re offering, roasted meats.”

In French, a rotisserie is a store that sells roasted meat.

Besides chicken, Rotisserie Flair will also offer other meats such as southwest BBQ wings and spare ribs, along with sides, such as Neapolitan pasta salad, four bean medley and cheesy penne.

Rotisserie Flair is take out only with no seating available in the restaurant. The restaurant offers free delivery for orders over $20 in the area. They hope to become a cornerstone in the surrounding community, and also to create a unique takeout dining experience.

“I would describe it kind of like fine dining in your own home where the concept is that you would order this really great meal, a meal that’s above and beyond, has the flavor, has the quality ingredients in it that you would have to actually go to sit down in a more expensive restaurant, where in this scenario you get to take it home to your dining room table,” Gomes said.

Rotisserie Flair is open for dinner, Monday–Saturday, 3–8:30 p.m. It is located on the Hamilton side of Foxmoor, next to Ploy Siam. For more information, go online to