By Carolyn Steber

The new Bottom Dollar Food is scheduled for a grand opening on April 20. The day will feature a morning ribbon cutting ceremony followed by the store’s official opening at 8 a.m. Local public officials, community leaders and residents will be at the ceremony, including mayor Karl Feltes, who said the Bordentown township committee is excited to welcome the store to Bordentown Township.

Bottom Dollar Food is a discount grocer that offers low prices on produce, meats and private and national brands.

“We have a strong focus on price,” said Tenisha Waldo, spokeswoman for Bottom Dollar Food.

The grocery chain has 45 stores in New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio. As is typical with the chain, Bordentown’s Bottom Dollar Food will feature a newly renovated 18,000 square feet space, approximately 35 associates, wide aisles and bright lighting. Waldo said there will also be a fun shopping environment with bright brand colors and an up beat staff.

Cost are minimized because the store does not offer as many brands or goods. That allows it to focus solely on the brands they are going to sell. The store is also smaller than its competitors and will not have baggers at the checkout line.

Deputy Mayor Michael Dauber explained that instead of carrying six brands of each food, the store will only carry three. For example, they might have two brand name peanut butters and one store brand. This strategy will keep costs down.

“People will be surprised by the cost savings and the quality of the goods,” Dauber said.

Shoppers will be able to save even more money when they obtain membership status within the store.

The location was previously an Acme, which closed over five years ago and has been vacant ever since. Construction for the new store began last year after Bottom Dollar Food was approved by the township.

Bottom Dollar Food is expected to provide the community with a convenient place to shop that, for many, will be within walking distance. It has also brought other benefits to town, like current construction jobs and future store employment.

“The store will provide employment opportunities, a clean ratable and the opportunity for consumers to obtain quality products,” Feltes said. He anticipates associated businesses will seek location in the remaining space that is not occupied by Bottom Dollar.

The store has some other special features, like a walk-in produce cooler right by the front door.

“You can walk in and pick out produce and you’ll know it’s fresh,” Waldo said.

Dauber said no one should be discouraged by the store’s name, as they do not sell outdated goods. He thinks it will attract customers who normally go to Shop Rite and Acme.

Opening day will have promotions and a give-away of Bottom Dollar Food reusable bags filled with store brand products for the first 200 customers. And the store is promising to give even more than that.

“As part of the festivities, our company will donate to various local organizations and schools to show how [we] support the local community,” Waldo said. “We’re excited about what we’ll bring to the community.”