By Kait Kelly

Dr. Denise Evans, owner of Evans Family Chiropractors in Bordentown, said the most common misunderstanding about her business is what exactly they do.

“People have a misconception that chiropractic is just for bad backs or bad necks, but that’s not what it is at all,” she said.

Evans said chiropractic got started in the 1800s when a deaf man’s spine was adjusted, and his hearing was supposedly restored.

Evans said her business is centered around working with the central nervous system.

“If there’s a miscommunication or an interference with the brain talking to the body, that’s when health problems can start to set in,” she said. “By releasing that interference and creating a more peaceful physical body, the body will work better without the use of drugs or surgery.”

Evans Family Chiropractors offer massage therapy, a medically supervised weight loss system, an exercise studio, yoga, Pilates, tai chi and nutritional counseling.

“We’re really a wellness office,” Evans said. “When people come in, it’d be fit for them if they’re trying to achieve greater wellness in their life.”

Evans said there are several elements to wellness. She said we need to eat well, exercise, sleep, have a positive mental attitude and proper nerve supply.

“If the brain is not talking to the body effectively, none of those things are going to work like they should,” she said. “That’s where I come into play.”

Evans has had extensive training in caring for children and pregnant women.
When she graduated chiropractic school, she went to Vermont to practice for a year, and she interned with some renowned pediatric chiropractors.

“They are really pioneers in this field,” she said.

Evans said a lot of people don’t recognize a child’s need for a chiropractor.

“I have a lot of kids in my office,” she said.

Evans said her young patients are typically kids who haven’t found help in the traditional route of medicine. Evans Family Chiropractors offers these children an alternative form of healing.

Evans said the most rewarding part of her job is seeing results in her patients.

“When someone’s been in pain for a long period of time, they can’t see past anything else,” she said. “They can’t see themselves ever doing a mile run or eating a certain way. I love being able to assist someone from one state, and watch that transformation occur. As they start to feel better, they start to make healthier choices in their life about what they put into their body, what they do and the thoughts that they think. I dig that.”

Evans said she has some patients who have been with her for 20 years.

“I’m their primary health care provider,” she said. “They come to me first when something pops up to make sure their nerve system is working properly, and then we go from there.”

Evans Family Chiropractors will be having an Ideal Protein Open House on April 16 from 3 to 6:30 p.m.

Ideal Protein is a medically supervised weight loss system that is advertised to change the way the body chemistry works, so that your body can shed weight while you’re becoming healthier at the same time, Evans said.

Evans Family Chiropractors is currently offering $50 off the Ideal Protein start up fee.

“I just love working in this field,” Evans said. “I couldn’t imagine what else I would be doing.”

Evans Family Chiropractors is located at 1 ½ Crosswicks Street in Bordentown. For more information, call (609) 298-4299. Web: