Penn Lyle Road, near High School South, is set to become wider over the summer. Bus and bike lanes as well as a sidewalk are going to be added.

West Windsor-Plainsboro School Board Vice President Robert Johnson said the administration and facilities committee reviewed plans for the project, which will provide for a bus lane at the school end of Penn Lyle Road.

"There will be some reconfiguration of the grading on the parking lot, and we did have some discussion and concern whether there’d be such reconfiguration that we’d lose some parking spaces. That’s yet to be seen," he said.

However Township Business Administrator Robert Hary says there will be no impact on the school’s parking lot as a result of construction. According to Hary the matter was brought up from the school district’s side because future roadwork will widen the road on High School South’s side of the street. Phase 1 of construction took place last July, as pavement was resurfaced from Village Road West to Stony Brook Way.

"This will complete the project all the way through to Clarksville Road. It will provide for a little widening of the road, and it’ll provide for bicycle access and also for sidewalk," Hary said.

The project is scheduled to start in July, similar to phase I last year, which took 12 weeks to complete. Hary says the roadwork will be completed ahead of the start of the school year.