Evelyn Pinto, Ana Kryshina, owner Annie Jarosz, Amanda Swift and Robert Matuzsan stand at Propaganda Salon and Barber. (Photo by Kait Kelly.)
Evelyn Pinto, Ana Kryshina, owner Annie Jarosz, Amanda Swift and Robert Matuzsan stand at Propaganda Salon and Barber. (Photo by Kait Kelly.)

Propaganda Salon and Barber owner Annie Jarosz has her own definition of what her business name means.

“Everybody thinks that propaganda is a negative opinion, but it isn’t,” she said. “It’s influencing people to be positive, which is what we are here.”

That’s why when building her own salon, Jarosz came up with the name “Propaganda” because of the atmosphere she hoped to create. She said the name of the salon is supposed to send a message of positivity to all who enter. Jarosz said she wanted the name to be a little different and unique—like the salon itself.

Propaganda Salon and Barber is a small establishment made up of five stylists, including Jarosz. She said that she likes to keep the salon small to create a sort of homey feel.

“This is my home,” she said. “The clients are my guests, and I try to make them feel comfortable and give them a very tranquil experience.”

Jarosz said she creates this experience by maintaining a quaint and quiet atmosphere.

“Some customers that come into the salon might not have had a really good day, but by the end of their appointment, we help them to feel good about themselves again,” she said. “To see that makes me feel good about myself and appreciate what I do.”

Jarosz said that Propaganda Salon and Barber is not only about hair, it’s about the experience.

“We give every single customer our undivided attention,” she said. “We have thorough consultations with them, and we make sure they are completely satisfied and that they get the best experience as possible.”

To help, Jarosz is bringing an iPad into her salon. She said clients who are unsure of what they want can sit and look through all the pictures and styles to get ideas.

Propaganda Salon and Barber stylists enjoy spreading their positivity to the community. They are involved in a lot of fashion shows and hair shows in the area for the local high schools. They also work with cancer patients with their wig services.

“We also do a lot of fundraising and involvement in breast cancer and ovarian cancer,” Jarosz said.

Jarosz said she just loves what she does.

She has been in the hair industry for seven years, but has always had a knack for doing hair.

In high school, Jarosz went to vocational school, then started working at a barber shop before moving into a salon.

“I loved just being diverse with doing women’s hair and men’s hair,” she said. “I loved just doing something different all day long, because it’s two different things doing women’s and men’s.”

Jarosz then became an educator for Sebastian Professionals. For the last two years, she has been teaching the latest trends in hair, styling and cutting at other salons throughout the Tri-state area.

Finally, Jarosz felt she had enough experience under her belt to open her own salon.

“I enjoy doing hair,” she said. “I love being here and networking with the community. The entire staff is just really friendly and nice. We give great quality hair.”

Propaganda Salon and Barber is located at 2452 Kuser Road in Briarwood Shopping Village. For more information, call (609) 838-9714. On the Web: propagandasalonandbarber.com.