Jane David’s Salon owner Diane Sanchez has wanted to be a hairdresser since high school. (Staff photo by Carolyn Steber.)
Jane David’s Salon owner Diane Sanchez has wanted to be a hairdresser since high school. (Staff photo by Carolyn Steber.)

Jane David’s Salon owner Diane Sanchez realized in high school that she didn’t like learning in a normal classroom environment. She craved a more hands-on approach and began looking into other options.

Sanchez soon discovered that she was a perfect candidate for Mercer County Vocational School, which offered many different trades to choose from. Sanchez decided on hairstyling, hoping it would earn her enough credits to graduate.

It wasn’t love at first sight, but Sanchez soon realized how easily the skill came to her.

“That’s what got me through high school,” she said.

Sanchez remembers bringing her new talent back to school to share with friends.

“I would be cutting someone’s hair in the locker room, [like] the cheerleaders because I was on the cheerleading team. I would do their hair before the matches,” she said.

She also would invite friends over to her home for hair cuts, and even made house calls in order to continue her new passion.

Hairstyling has since turned into a life-long career. Sanchez started off working at several salons in the area before finally opening Jane David’s Salon in May 2005.

Sanchez says she finds owning the business very rewarding because she gets to make her clients feel good about themselves.

“What I enjoy most is giving back to people,” she said, noting that her favorite moment as a stylist is when her client smiles in the mirror and likes what they see.

Whether it’s an elderly woman who can no longer style her own hair, or a 15-year-old boy receiving his first real haircut, Sanchez says that her clients always leave with higher self-esteem.

This desire to make people feel good has become somewhat of a family business. The salon’s name comes from the first names of Sanchez’s son and daughter, both of whom acquired her natural talent. Her daughter Jane is now a hairstylist while her son David is known among his friends for his ability to style hair.

“He is so good with all his friends’ hair. When they used to go out to the bar, they would stand in line and have him gel their hair,” Sanchez said.

Of course, both her kids grew up with great hair themselves.

“Every day, perfectly blow dried,” Sanchez said.

Sanchez’s desire to make people blossom also happens within her close-knit staff. She said she loves to watch the confidence of her employees grow over time.

“When I witness them [styling], it’s like witnessing a child growing and maturing,” Sanchez said.

It’s this sort of passion for the trade that makes Sanchez’s salon such a favorite. Her client base reaches well beyond the Ewing area, spanning to Bordentown and Hamilton, where Sanchez lives. She says a lot of her success comes from happy clients spreading the word about not only the services the salon offers, but also the friendly staff.

Jane David’s Salon offers a variety of treatments, including manicures, pedicures, waxing, keratin treatments, perms, and hair extensions.

Sanchez says that her team will even section off time in their schedules to allow bridal parties to come in for private hair and makeup sessions,

Jane David’s is located at 1624 Pennington Road. Phone: (609) 883-7788.