I am writing to endorse the candidacy of Yibao Xu for the WW-P School Board. I have served with him on the Walker Gordon Homeowners’ Association Board of Trustees for over three years.

In addition to being a highly educated college professor in the fields of mathematics and American history, Yibao is an example of the American immigrant success story. Xu emigrated to the United States from China as a graduate student and made his way to not only to fluency in English, but to full American citizenship, a Ph.D. and is now a professor in New York. Yibao and his wife, Delia, moved to Plainsboro with two children and enrolled them in our school district in 2007.

Xu is a fine example of a civic minded citizen who gives freely of his time to serve his community. In associations like our own with over 355 homes, it’s often hard to find individuals willing to serve on our board and manage the affairs of an association that controls a budget of several hundreds of thousands of dollars, many acres of athletic fields, a club house, a 2-mile walking trail, parking lots and improvement permits. Yibao stepped forward and volunteered.

As a board member Yibao served with zeal to promote community harmony and to control expenditures in such a way that our quarterly assessment has barely moved in the past three years with no sacrifice of the quality of services. Moreover Yibao is a team player, who, though not afraid to speak his mind, works within the system with his fellow trustees to reach an amicable consensus. In my estimation Yibao Xu would make a fine addition to our board.

Jerry Hurwitz

Dogwood Drive, Plainsboro