Jodi Meyer and Scott Whaley of Two of Us help clients find their match. (Photo by Maddie Weinland.)
Jodi Meyer and Scott Whaley of Two of Us help clients find their match. (Photo by Maddie Weinland.)

If your New Year’s resolution is to give love a try, then Two of Us, a professional matchmaking service, may be for you.

The national company has a Lawrence office with customers from all over Central, Southern New Jersey and Bucks County in Pennsylvania. Between the four New Jersey offices, 7,000 singles have memberships with Two of Us.

Jodi Meyer, the director of the Lawrence Two of Us, and Scott Whaley, screening director, each got into the business by chance and have loved it ever since. Meyer has been working in the matchmaking industry for 15 years and Whaley has for 11.

“I was always matching up friends, and was the one listening to their problems and situations,” Meyer said. “Eventually I got to know different personality types and what goes well together and what does not. I can’t imagine doing anything else now.”

With an 80 percent success rate nationally, Two of Us must be doing something right.

With the popularity of online dating sites, Two of Us’s success lies in their style of individualized service. Meyer explained some of the benefits of an in-person matchmaking service.

“It’s a much safer way to meet someone than talking to someone online. You have no idea who is on the other end of the computer,” she said.

Whaley echoed these thoughts.

“We do a full criminal background check which eliminates people with histories of domestic abuse, felonies or severe financial difficulties,” he said.

Their initial screening process not only eliminates criminals but also makes sure that the applicant is emotionally available, single, financially stable and serious about meeting someone. Once the first screening process is complete, applicants have an appointment with Meyer so she can get to know them better.

“We match based on compatibility, interests, personality type, long-term goals and where they live,” Meyer said.

Two of Us matches people at every stage of their life, from young singles looking for marriage to widows and widowers looking for a long-term companion.

After a match has been made, Meyer and Whaley recommend going somewhere quiet for a first date.

“Go to a park or a bookstore, definitely not a bar or a movie. Somewhere where you can talk and get to know someone,” Whaley said.

Two of Us’s services extend beyond the first date as well, providing coaching and counseling with individuals after their dates.

“We’re here as a support system. We talk about what went right, what went wrong, and what can go differently,” Meyer said.

“We won’t tell the other person what was said in our meetings, but we can give each person tips on what to do differently,” Whaley added.

Meyer’s advice to singles is to take action with their love lives.

“Don’t procrastinate, you have to step outside the box and do something different so something different happens to you. If you believe that person is out there, they’re out there. You have to do something to make it happen instead of just waiting for it to happen to you,” Meyer said.

Whaley also believes their matchmaking services can be the change necessary to find happiness.

“Life is much too short to be alone, but it’s also too short to settle and be with the wrong person,” he said. “Unfortunately, people settle a lot. You can be just as lonely within a relationship as you can be by yourself. You can find someone that compliments rather than complicates.”

Two of Us is located at 4 Princess Road, Suite 205 in Lawrence. To apply, go online to or call (609) 912-1700.