Marc Robbins stands behind the counter of Robbins Pharmacy, which has served the Mercer area for 50 years. (Photo by Alexa Rozzi.)

For the past 50 years, Robbins Pharmacy has been a place to get personalized customer service behind the prescription counter, make purchases at a Hallmark Gold Crown gift store and use the postal services all under one roof. Growing from an 800 square foot pharmacy to its current size of 10,000 square feet, Robbins Pharmacy has become the largest independent pharmacy in the Ewing area.

Behind the prescription counter, customers will usually find at least two pharmacists on staff ready to provide private patient counseling. Owner Marc Robbins said he and his team of pharmacists take the time to talk about prescriptions, discussing side effects as well as which over-the-counter products are safe to mix with the medication and which ones to avoid. Robbins Pharmacy accepts all prescription insurance plans, which Robbins said eases his patients’ minds when insurance changes from year to year.

“They know that we will still be able to take care of their needs,” he said.

Robbins said his store provides competitive prices without losing the friendly, neighborhood feel. For him and his staff, making personal connections to his customers is what is most important.

“Customers here aren’t just a name, but there is a person and a history behind that name,” Robbins said.

The family-oriented atmosphere is emphasized through the generations of loyal customers who use Robbins Pharmacy.

“I see moms come in. Then their kids will walk in, then their kids,” he said. “Even our patients know us, just like we know them.”

Robbins said forward thinking allows his store to be able to compete with any other chain pharmacy. In 2003, he purchased a dispensing robot that automatically counts and labels prescriptions. This reduces error and increases efficiency. He stays progressive in all aspects of business and recently added solar panels to the roof of the building. The panels provide about 65 percent of the building’s energy.

The trusted reputation of the business has also lent a hand in its ability to do well and grow. Customers come from all over Mercer County and physicians know the business well, he said.

From a large selection of cards and gifts to the special attention paid to each customer, Robbins said his pharmacy combines convenience with efficient service without losing the touch of a family-owned business.

To learn more about Robbins Pharmacy, go online to or call (609) 882-2404. Robbins Pharmacy is located on 2108 Pennington Road in Ewing.