Jim and Janet Flannery have run Pic Pocket handbag and jewelry boutique for 20 years. (Photo by Alexa Rozzi.)

For 20 years, Janet Flannery was a loyal customer at Pic-Pocket handbag and jewelry boutique.

The Ewing native referred to her shopping as her therapy, browsing the counters and digging through the boxes of purses. The low prices and wide selection of accessories made Pic-Pocket the perfect place to indulge in some therapeutic shopping, Flannery said.

Now Flannery finds herself on the other side of the counter, along with her husband Jim. The two purchased the business five years ago, when the original owners planned to close down the store. Janet refused to let Pic-Pocket disappear from the community, so she and her husband took over.

“The boutique has been around for 45 years,” Janet said. “It’s Ewing’s best kept secret.”

At Pic-Pocket, designer-inspired handbags line the walls from floor to ceiling. Displays of earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces are set up throughout the showroom, and counters are filled with watches, pins, tiaras and more. In addition to the variety of hats, scarves, shawls and wraps, the store offers men’s watches, wallets and cufflinks.

Even customers without pierced ears can enjoy a pair of earrings. Janet said the boutique has the largest collection of clip-on earrings in the area.

Pic-Pocket connects the Ewing community to the popular fashion trends of New York, she said. Many pieces of jewelry are purchased in the city, while manufacturers from all over the United States send salespeople to sell handbags and accessories. Currently, the store’s most popular items are its rings and Berkshire nylons.

Jim and Janet said quality products and low prices set Pic-Pocket apart from the mall and other boutiques.

“You will find the same amount of jewelry in our store that you would find walking around the mall,” Jim Said. “And you will find the same kind of products for a much more reasonable price,” Janet said.

Along with its plethora of products, Pic-Pocket provides services like watch battery replacement and jewelry repair when possible. Janet said they will repair or replace anything that breaks.

The owners work with customers to find the accessory they are looking for, whether it is for casual use, or a formal occasion like a wedding or prom. Personal connections to customers are emphasized at Pic-Pocket, and Jim and Janet said they like to create a friendly, familiar atmosphere for an enjoyable shopping experience.

The two stay connected to the community by getting involved with charities like the American Heart Association, the American Cancer Association and One Simple Wish. They also host community events. In April, Ewing residents had the chance to meet the Easter Bunny at the boutique, and in May, Jim and Janet held a community shred event where confidential documents could be shred free of charge.

Right now, proms and weddings are keeping the owners busy. They continue to network in the area, spreading the word out about their products and services and are planning to expand the showroom to make room for even more accessories.

Pic-Pocket is located on 54 Arctic Parkway. For more information about the boutique, go online to pic-pocket54.com or call (609) 393-9337.