The WW-P school district is looking for community members to participate in its newly formed Ad Hoc Committee for Building Use.

The committee will meet throughout June, July, and August to study, review, and recommend a building use structure, including goals and fees. The goal is to create policies and procedures that “ensure a fair and equitable use of school facilities,” a press release from the district stated. The results will be submitted to the Board of Education in the fall.

The ad hoc committee has been formed in response to input from residents and other community members during the community forums the district held over the winter.

In their responses, members of the community told WW-P officials that the district should charge higher fees for outside organizations that use school facilities and focus on entering more shared services agreements.

The area of facilities use — like charging more for out-of-district groups to use school buildings, charging more to use athletic fields, turf fields, and playgrounds — was ranked an average of 1.7 in both group and individual rankings on a scale of one to seven. A ranking of one signified an area where the board should look to make changes first, while seven was an areas the board should look last to make cuts or changes.

The committee will create goals and criteria to determine building use. That information will be sent to the Board of Education’s Administration and Facilities Committee for review, the press release stated. After review, the administration and facilities committee will prepare a report for the full Board of Education.

“The ad hoc committee will be charged to review permissions, guidelines and fees, along with the following but not limited to these areas: pool fees versus pool costs; outside organizations using the pools; regulations for pool usage, such as subletting the pools; technician lighting fee structure; building use fees versus current costs; surrounding district policies for building use/fee structures; district non-profit fee structures; summer use charges; and turf fields and other athletic field charges,” stated the press release.

The committee will review and recommend changes to current policy and procedures. The report will include detailed information about permissions, guidelines, and fees, while respecting the district’s mission to serve students first, the press released also stated.

According to school board president Hemant Marathe, the ad hoc committee will be mostly made up of community residents and not board members. The recommendations, though, will be reviewed by the board’s administration and facilities committee.

Marathe said he is hopeful the results will be helpful in next year’s budget process and can be beneficial to the district in two areas. “One is in generating additional revenue, and another is from the customer service point of view. It will make it a lot easier for community members to rent the facilities and also streamline the process. Some people have complained about problems in renting the facilities.”

Residents and community members who are interested in participating in the committee can send an E-mail with their names, addresses, and interest to David Aderhold, the assistant superintendent for pupil services and planning. His E-mail address is