Karen Robinson, Charles Dempsey, Anthony Nami, Lauren Povia and Mark Nami, members of the Prior & Nami team, stand behind the front counter of the store. Prior & Nami Business Systems is located on 1666 Hamilton Ave. To learn more about the products and services available, call (609) 584-5252 or go online to priornami.com. (Photo by Alexa Rozzi.)

From typewriters to laser printers, Prior & Nami Business Systems has been supplying the Hamilton community with office equipment for 101 years.

From computers, printers and fax machines to shredders and mailing solutions, Prior & Nami sells, services, supplies, leases and rents all types of business systems.

Brand names like Canon, Lexmark, Muratec, Hewlett-Packard, Olympia, Kobra and more are available for customers, and an on-site staff of factory-trained technicians can service any product sold in the store.

Prior & Nami Business Systems grew from Tom and Walter Prior’s Trenton-based business machine shop, established in 1910. Instead of the laser printers and digital scanners that can be found in the store today, the two brothers sold typewriters.

Current owner Anthony Nami entered the picture in 1980. As an employee, he worked closely with the Priors, learning from their business practices. In 1990 Nami became a partner and by 1995, after both brothers retired, he owned the business.

As a lifelong Hamilton resident, it was important for Nami to bring the business to his hometown. Now located on Hamilton Avenue and no longer selling typewriters, Prior & Nami Business Systems combines business machines with what Nami said is attentive customer service. Nami said Prior & Nami’s direct connection to its customers offers personal attention that sets them apart from bigger businesses.

“Here, customers can speak right to the owner. Technicians are available for brief, immediate assessments of machines and can provide information and answer questions on the spot,” Nami said.

Prior Nami’s understanding of the specific needs of their clients allows them to provide services on short notice or lend equipment for small timeframes, where larger corporations might not be able to satisfy such demands, he said.

“A majority of our clients are small firms.” Nami said. “They might need a machine at the last minute, and we are able to say ‘deal with the paperwork after, let’s focus on getting you what you need.’”

Hamilton Township fosters these neighborly relationships, with residents who are enthusiastic about doing business with small businesses, Nami said. The community appreciates local establishments like Prior Nami, lending a hand in its continued success.

Due to the large size of the town, Prior Nami Business systems finds itself providing its services to many facets of the government including the governor’s office, state contractors and local firehouse. Hamilton’s close vicinity to major highways and cities present opportunities to do business beyond Hamilton, as well.

The team of technicians at Prior Nami keeps up with the most recent technology trends by constantly reading and researching products on the market. Nami said choosing to partner with reliable manufacturers who are on the cutting edge is an important way to stay informed of the latest products.

“When you know the needs of your client, you can find and provide them with the right equipment,” he said.

For Nami, owning his own business gives him the opportunity to give back to the community that raised him. Nami enjoys hiring Hamiltonians and watching them grow and develop as employees.

The owner is excited to take on more products and people to better serve its customers.

“The Prior brothers made it through World War II and the Great Depression,” said Nami. “I like to build off their strength and push forward with Prior Nami Business Systems.”