Hamilton Foot Solutions owner Laura Roberts stands in front of the store’s selection of comfort and dress shoes, many of which are European styles. (Photo by Alexandra Yearly.)

Hamilton Foot Solutions owner Laura Roberts knows that a step in the right direction starts with a supportive shoe.

Roberts had been plagued with foot problems of her own, so when she started looking into franchise options, Foot Solutions stood out as an opportunity to help others get rid of foot pressure and pain, she said.

At Hamilton Foot Solutions, customers will find a variety of comfort and therapeutic shoes, as well as shoe inserts and seamless, diabetic or copper socks.

Roberts, a Hamilton resident, completed training to be a board certified pedorthist, which means she understands the foot anatomy and how the shoe interacts with the foot, she said.

Customers that come in receive a foot measurement, scan and gait analysis to determine any pressure points on the foot.

“A lot might have come in with a foot problem to begin with, but then a lot of them come in again just looking for that comfortable shoe,” Roberts said. “They’ve found what they needed, and now they’re just coming back.”

Hamilton Foot Solutions was also approved by Medicare to sell therapeutic shoes to diabetics, Roberts said.

The structure of the foot is part of the reason supportive shoes are necessary, Roberts said.

“The foot was meant to walk on uneven surfaces, such as sand. But we’re not walking on sand,” Roberts said. “We’re walking on concrete and asphalt and ceramic tile, and that’s why a lot of people’s feet are breaking down.”

To keep the feet healthy and comfortable, Roberts finds the shoe that will best accommodate a customer’s foot condition.

“We’ll bring out tons of shoes if need be, even if sometimes they’re just looking for a sneaker,” Roberts said.

Shoes come in a range of styles: sneakers, comfort and dress shoes are all available, and some shoes already include supportive inserts. The store even has supportive flip flops and sandals.

Before Roberts opened Hamilton Foot Solutions, she had worked as an accountant for 23 years and was ready for a change.

“I decided I wanted to do something different,” Roberts said. “I wanted to be able to help people, and this seemed like the perfect fit.”

She chose the location because it was close to her own home, but most customers come from south of the shopping center, Roberts said. And the other stores in the center are attractive to customers, too, Roberts said.

“People don’t want to have to travel to Lawrenceville or Freehold or Cherry Hill to go to these stores, so it’s nice that they’re here,” Roberts said.

Hamilton Foot Solutions is located at 549 US 130 in the Shoppes at Hamilton. For more information, call (609) 581-3668. On the web: stores.footsolutions.com/hamilton and footsolutionsofhamilton.com.