Pack 40 Holds Pinewood Derby

West Windsor-based Cub Scout Pack 40 held its annual Pinewood Derby on Saturday January 22. The five fastest cars this year were made by Ryan Callahan, first place; Spencer Perrine, second place; Sanjev Sunderram, third place; Prithvinarayan Revuri, fourth place; and Anish Sankhla, fifth place. All cars finished the race within 8/10ths of a second of the winner.

The pack also recognized the five overall best designed cars (as voted by the derby attendees). Honorees included Andrew Carlson, first place, whose car looked like a bag of pretzels; Gavan Horoszewski, second place; Ethan Perrine, third place; Jack Dreger, fourth place; and PJ Horoszewski, fifth place. Themes of decorated cars included bottle of Stewart’s rootbeer, a red hot chili pepper, and a piece of Swiss cheese with holes and a mouse.

To prepare for the event the boys, with parental assistance if needed, construct a race car from a kit including a block of wood, axles, and wheels. The finished cars are decorated and raced against each other. “I am always impressed by how much creativity the boys have with the cars,” says Bruce Perrine, Pack 40 cubmaster. “They want to make a piece of art, not just a fast car.”

For information on joining Cub Scout Pack 40, E-mail Nora Perrine at or call Bruce Perrine at 609-275-0968.

Master Gardeners

Class of 2010 graduates of the Master Gardeners of Mercer County include West Windsor residents Hwasoo Kim, Pamela Schnitter, and Ruth Payne. Schnitter also received special recognition for volunteering more than 60 hours on the Master Gardener helpline.

The graduates are from many area communities, have diverse backgrounds, and bring many skills and talents that benefit the program in supplying horticultural and environmental information to residents.

The graduates completed 60 hours of instruction provided by Mercer County Horticulturist Barbara J. Bromley, faculty from Rutgers Cooperative Extension of the New Jersey Agricultural Experiment Station, and other horticultural experts in a wide variety of horticultural related subjects.

A volunteer educational outreach program of Rutgers Cooperative Extension, master gardeners participate in many volunteer programs throughout the county, as well as answer home horticulture questions through its helpline at 609-989-6853, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. (March through October) and 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. (November through February). Visit for more information.

Green Fashion

Simrit Gill of West Windsor was on one of the winning teams in the Stuart Country Day School green fashion show held on January 14. She helped design a dress crafted from recycled gold curtains, coffee filter flowers, and soda can tabs spray-painted gold. The dress will be displayed at the TerraCycle store in Palmer Square, Princeton, through February.

Playing cards, balloons, soda cans, and shredded newspaper made up the winning designs modeled by students strutting across the stage showing off a fashionable portfolio of evening gowns, party dresses, and three-piece ensembles put together by 20 middle and upper school teams and two faculty members using donated recyclables.

“As a designer who works with various wastestreams on a daily basis, I especially appreciated the time and effort that goes into creating a garment from trash,” said Lori Anselm from TerraCycle. “To manipulate wrappers, cans, and paper to become wearable takes a great deal of experimentation and time. We’re looking forward to displaying the garments for the remainder of the winter season.”

The event was a fundraiser to bring awareness to the annual spring auction, “See How Our Garden Grows,” on April 2, at the Hyatt Carnegie Center. The winning designs will be modeled during the event.

“They took the idea of ‘green runway’ far beyond our expectations by designing high end fashion from trash,” said Cheryl Lagay, auction co-chair. “The process required collaboration, imagination, and ingenuity and the event turned out to be a real showcase for their talent and creativity. And they raised over $5,000 for their school.”

Visit for more information,

In College

Temple University: Michael Haar of Plainsboro is on the dean’s list. A graduate of High School South, Class of 2008, he is majoring in criminal justice.

A Team Effort

The team at Century 21 Abrams, Hutchinson & Associates, the real estate agency based in both West Windsor and Plainsboro, often participates in calls to provide food, money, clothing, books, and diapers to HomeFront and Easter Seals. They work together to help families in need throughout the year, with special drives during the holiday season.

Last Thanksgiving sales associate Michele Pograb led the effort to provide groceries to HomeFront families. She collected food, shopped for additional groceries, and helped deliver the items.

The agency’s holiday diaper and toddler pajama drive was led by realtors Janice Hutchinson and Barbara Weinfield. Donations were received by Abrams and Hutchinson agents, as well as from the community to yield well over 2,000 packages of diapers. Associates also provided clothing for a HomeFront family with Pograb shopping for just the right sizes.

The agents at Century 21 Abrams and Hutchinson also give individually of their time and energy throughout the year to a variety of projects and charities close to their hearts. Some donate blood to the American Red Cross, others work in soup kitchens, and many agents support Race for the Cure and the American Heart Association. Others are active in a slew of organizations that provide important and necessary services on the local, state, and national levels.

Brown Named Vice President

Barry Brown of West Windsor is the new vice president of consulting at Core Services Corporation, an Oracle platinum partner. He has been with Oracle industries for more than 14 years. His most recent work was program and project manager for a large, global pharmaceutical services implementation spanning 30 countries and 60 operating units.

First Place Art Prize

Arya Sasne of West Windsor received the first place award in Teachers Against Prejudice’s art contest. Sasne, a student at Maurice Hawk Elementary School, received $150 savings bond.

The grass-roots organization was created by and for educators, students, parents, and concerned citizens. The students needed to use the theme of cooperation in their work. Sasne’s artwork features four children playing the game of Dahi Handi, an Indian game where players have to cooperate to reach the handi containing a prize. “No equipment is necessary and it can be played by players of any race, creed, or color,” she says.