Boutique owner Idilia Venti shows off some of the fashions that are sold in her store. (Photo by Alexandra Yearly.)

When a customer walks into her boutique seeking fashion assistance, Idilia Venti’s day has been made.

Venti, who is co-owner of Idilia’s Boutique along with her mother, Maria, said she doesn’t want people to just feel like they’re being assisted by a salesperson.

“We want people to feel like they’re getting styled,” Venti said.

Venti’s obvious love of fashion shines through when she shows off each clothing line in the boutique, moving excitedly from piece to piece on the clothing racks.

“I think with the differences in all the lines that we carry, it really makes the boutique a full circle, from a little bit of an urban flare, contemporary, sophisticated, so you’re going to get all of these different choices when you come in,” Venti said. “Anyone can find something in here, whether it be someone who’s 20 or someone who’s 80, and that’s the great part about it.”

Venti said the idea behind the boutique is that a daughter, mother and grandmother could all go in together and each find something they like.

Some of the clothing lines are organic, which means the materials used, such as cotton, have not been sprayed with pesticides. Venti said the organic jeans have been an especially big selling item.

“The ladies love the feel of the fabric,” Venti said. “It’s something that’s comfortable, easy to wear and you still look dynamite.”

Venti’s next step is to expand her already unique selection of eveningwear and cocktail dresses.

The boutique has only been open to the public since late July, but Venti was happy customers have returned to the store for more shopping trips. She even revealed a few shirts a grandmother had bought for herself, and a few she had bought as a gift for her granddaughter.

After working as a designer for Nautica and Old Navy, Venti felt that opening a boutique seemed like the natural next move.

“I had done all aspects of fashion, from designing to running the showroom in New York, and this was going to be the next step that made sense,” Venti said. “I could work directly with the customer, and can see the immediate effects of what I’m doing.”

Venti and her mother often strategize and consider new clothing lines during their commute from New Egypt, but Idilia Venti hopes to eventually move to the Princeton area.

“I think women are going to understand and appreciate the fashions that we’re bringing,” Venti said. “I want to give customers a positive shopping experience.”

Idilia’s Boutique is located at 195 Nassau St. in Princeton and is open Monday through Saturday. For more information, contact the store at (609) 683-0200.