Ancient Arts owner Tamara Rapciewicz sits near one of the beds in her studio Oct. 21, 2010. (Staff photo by Alexandra Yearly.)

Upon first meeting the down-to-earth business owner Tamara Rapciewicz, it’s a little surprising to discover some of the unconventional services she has for sale.

When Rapciewicz decided to start her own business, she began by featuring her signature practice of massage therapy. Since the opening of her company, Ancient Arts Healing Center, Rapciewicz has already added three new services: a holistic health coach, an acupuncturist and an intuitive consultant.

“There are a million different massage places, so you have to offer something different to be different,” Rapciewicz said.

It seems that the aim of the company is to provide a relaxing and natural approach to medical and counseling services. Clients can enjoy a massage or consult a “medium” for an “intuitive counseling session.” And a “holistic health coach” will help set up a diet uniquely designed for each client.

“Our main thing is trying to promote healthy healing,” Rapciewicz said. “There’s a place for modern medicine, obviously, but not for every little thing. For example, you don’t have to take a painkiller for a headache.”

Ancient Arts Healing is taking the idea that a massage makes you feel better to another level by offering an energy and bodywork session called Reiki.

The soothing atmosphere of the office welcomes guests with the sounds of soft music and pleasant aromas — and Rapciewicz said the guests are treated like family.

“We don’t refer to people as clients or customers or guests,” she said. “We have people who just come in and hang out if they’re in the area and shoot the breeze for a couple minutes. I grew up in family businesses, so that’s how we try to keep it in here; we stay away from that corporate coldness.”

For a romantic treat, a couples massage is offered, complete with non-alcoholic champagne, chocolate truffles, rose petals and hot chocolate oil. Ancient Arts also has an essential oils consultant for the DoTerra oil line.

Rapciewicz said she has always been interested in this area of work, and was glad to start her own business.

“I was a manager at a local massage office, and it was just time to branch off. I decided I wanted to encompass all types of holistic healing,” the owner said. “It kind of all fits together, and eventually we’re going to look into getting an herbalist and setting up a yoga studio, just to make it a holistic health center.”

Ancient Arts Healing Center is located at 3535 Quakerbridge Road, Suite 102 in Hamilton. Office hours are 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. For more information, call (609) 586-7700 or go online to