Shown is owner Bev Papp next to her soft-serve ice cream machine. (Photo by Alexandra Yearly.)

Bev Papp and ice cream have a long-standing relationship.

While she was a student at Rider University, the Ewing resident worked part-time at the Carvel ice cream shop on North Olden Avenue. Today, Papp said, the local community still recognizes her by her profession.

“I’ve gotten to know a lot of the people over the years,” Papp said. “Even when I go out, people say, ‘You’re the Ice Cream Lady!’”

After owning the Carvel franchise since 1989, Papp ended her relationship with the national company almost six years ago. Papp saw starting her new business, Bev’s Ice Cream, as a chance to add some personal touches to what she did.

“It allows me the freedom to do what I want and sell what I want,” said the owner about the change. “I’ve got the experience, and I’m using it towards what I want to do with the business.”

Bev’s Ice Cream strives to keep things interesting. Papp has developed some new and original hard ice cream flavors in the shop over the years, such as banana peanut butter or pumpkin. Of course, the staple flavors of vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and other tried-and-true favorites are always part of the menu.

Papp said one treat customers and employees enjoy is peanut butter tastycake, made of peanut butter ice cream full of actual Tastycake pieces. For a fruity alternative, Papp said customers often request the blue raspberry sherbet.

The business is open all year, and ice cream is made on the premises daily. Water ice is also offered on the menu in the summer. Within the last year, Bev’s Ice Cream expanded its selection of sugar-free ice cream flavors.

Papp said that most of her employees are high school students from the area.

“Most of the kids are local, and it’s a nice thing,” Papp said. “Parents can drive them here instead of out to the mall. We have a lot of usual customers, and they know a lot of the people that come in here.”

In addition to the ice cream sandwiches and cakes on hand, Bev’s Ice Cream offers one product that customers can truly make their own. If given a day’s notice, the shop will prepare a customized ice cream cake made of any flavor — even custom flavors.

“I’ll make sure we do it right for you,” Papp said. “It’s nice to have personal service. I think that counts for something with customers.”

Bev’s Ice Cream is located at 1822 N. Olden Ave. in Ewing and is open daily. For more information, contact the store at (609) 882-4424.