Belinda, Tina and Jack D’Agostino stand in Injeanous, May 5, 2010. (Staff photo by Myles Ma.)
Belinda, Tina and Jack D’Agostino stand in Injeanous, May 5, 2010. (Staff photo by Myles Ma.)

By Myles Ma

When Jack D’Agostino and his wife Belinda opened up women’s boutique Injeanous in the Washington Town Center in 2006, they looked out of the store window and saw a bulldozer parked in a muddy lot. The neighborhood has changed a bit since then.

There is a Maggie Moo’s in place of the empty lot now, and a neighborhood has sprung up around the D’Agostinos.

“It’s been great to watch all the stores move in, and the tenants above us,” Jack D’Agostino said.

D’Agostino has moved in himself. His men’s store, Jack n’ Jules, moved into Town Center right next to Injeanous two years ago after being based in Hamilton for 20 years.

D’Agostino is happy with the move. The two businesses are easily accessible from Route 130, and Town Center keeps growing.

The fact that so many residents are in or near Town Center means their customers can reach the store easily, and many of D’Agostino’s Hamilton customers are still close enough to reach the store.

“Moving here is like still being in Hamilton,” he said.

Those customers don’t just visit the store because they’re close by. Jack n’ Jules is known for selection of suits and sport coats, D’Agostino said, which include offerings by Hugo Boss, Tommy Bahama, 7 Diamonds and others.

The merchandise, which ranges from moderately priced to high end, is distinct from other stores by design, D’Agostino said. The same is true at the women’s boutique.

Tina, D’Agostino’s daughter, manages Injeanous, and she has the same goal as her father — to sell clothes that, other than at specialty stores, can’t be found anywhere else. They carry True Religion Jeans, Page Premium Denim, and a full line of dresses, wearable from casual daytime selections, to more formal evening wear.

Injeanous hews toward a more Los Angeles-driven aesthetic, though the store also carries European lines, as well as accessories and jewelry. Both Injeanous and Jack n’ Jules carry only a few of each item, to ensure that their customers are wearing something distinct.

Both stores also offer free on-site alteration, which D’Agostino said was unheard of. At Injeanous, the store will do a California hem on any pair of jeans, normally a $25 restoration, for free.

D’Agostino has always been interested in fashion. In high school, he worked part-time at a men’s store, which turned into a full-time job after he graduated.

In 1982, when he was 22, he had decided to open up Jack n’ Jules with a partner in Lawrence. He has been in the fashion industry for 33 years.

His daughter, Tina, grew up in the business.

“After school, she used to come to the store and hang out,” he said.

Based on her growing interest in fashion, and his desire to open up a store focused on jeans, he and his wife opened up Injeanous. D’Agostino and his daughter often go to fashion shows in New York and Los Angeles, and frequently visit other shops for comparison’s sake. They have come to one conclusion.

“Our store is the best,” D’Agostino said.

Jack n’ Jules is located at 2360 Route 33 in Robbinsville, at the Washington Town Center. Injeanous is next door. For more information, call (609) 259-9939.