Bruce Nichols owns the restaurant/bar Wildflowers Too with daughter Amanda Neiderman, holding her daughter Olivia. (Photo by Sarah Unger.)

By Sarah Unger

At Wildflowers Too, patrons can catch a game and drink a beer at the winding oak bar, or enjoy a full prime rib or pasta dinner in the sun-filled dining room area.

In business for five years this August under new ownership, The Yardville establishment helps maintain a healthy balance between the two, attracting both crowds, said owner Bruce Nichols.

The restaurant has a slightly rustic look that matches its dual role as a sports bar and a family dining business. Mounted high on the walls surrounding the bar area at the center, are also 13 flat-screen televisions that regularly feature golf, baseball and soccer. The casual atmosphere is echoed in the establishment’s dining rooms, patio and downstairs banquet room.

Nichols runs the establishment with the help of his daughter Amanda Neiderman. He manages the kitchen and restaurant operations and staff, while Neiderman runs the bar and manages the business and finances.

All told, the establishment employs nearly 30 people.

Nichols’ food industry experience goes back to New York City’s Restaurant Associates, which operates The Four Seasons and other high profile establishments. He said he decided to open the sports bar because it became a goal after years of working in the industry.

Nichols said he and Neiderman are both able cooks, but when it comes to the restaurant, it’s Chef Ron Johnson who devises the menu and decides the daily specials.

Among the menu favorites are appetizers such as mozzarella sticks and the boneless chicken wings.

“And we do have a good pizza,” he said.

The restaurant maintains a children’s menu as well and there are specials for both lunch and dinner.

Neiderman said she and her father take pride in the freshness of the foods served, such as for the chicken burgers, one of diners’ menu favorites. Soups and sauces are homemade daily, Neiderman said.

To serve patrons’ increasing budget consciousness, the restaurant offers “Smart Portions” choices that are smaller and priced accordingly, Neiderman explained.

Wildflowers Too continues to welcome a regular clientele.

“Knock on wood, business stays good,” Nichols said. “We have very competitive prices, quality food, and nice-sized portions. Our bar prices are competitive, too.”

Of the 12 beers on tap, Neiderman said, people like the all-American beers, except when different seasons are in, like the Sam Adam’s Summer Fest. The newly renovated banquet room carries the look of a wine cellar, complete with low pressed-tin ceiling, stone walls, and decorative ironwork. It hosts functions such as political, union, and athletic gatherings.

“We do well with charitable and other organizations here,” Nichols said.

The Lions Club is one of the service groups that meets regularly in the banquet room.

Happy Hour is weekdays from 4 to 6 p.m. Wildflowers Too is located at 255 Route 156 in Yardville and can be reached at (609) 585-5483.