Doctors Catherine M. Zelinsky, Marta L. Buchbinder, Dennis M. Baiser, Marilynn D. Boim, all in the back row; Stanley J. Haberman, Walter J. Jacques, and Sara L. Prineas, in the front, are board certified pediatricians that have been serving the community for years as part of Hamilton Pediatric Associates. (Photo courtesy of Hamilton Pediatric Associates.)

Keeping children healthy and happy has been the goal at Hamilton Pediatrics Associates for more than 30 years, said practice manager Linda Gilbert.

“Children come first, always, no matter what,” Gilbert said. “We’re always welcoming new patients.”

The pediatric care facility has remained a staple in the Mercer area, and today, second- and even third-generation patients are now seeking its services, she said.

The facility includes seven pediatric physicians, each with their own flair and personality, that help create a soothing yet entertaining environment for the children that come to see them, Gilbert said.

Dr. Dennis M. Baiser, for example, is a sports fanatic who often leaves a trail of cotton balls along the floors of the examining rooms where he practices, Gilbert said. That’s because he sometimes plays baseball with the kids, having them use wooden tongue depressors as bats while he pitches cotton balls at them, she said.

The other doctors on staff are co-founder Dr. Stanley J. Haberman, Dr. Marilynn D. Boim, Dr. Walter J. Jacques, Dr. Sara L. Prineas, Dr. Catherine M. Zelinsky and Dr. Marta L. Buchbinder.

The practice sees about 14,000 patients a year.

The philosophy and general environment is really the product of co-founders Dr. Stanley J. Haberman and Dr. Seymour Cohen who came together to open Hamilton Pediatrics Associates in 1966 after practicing medicine independently in the Mercer area.

Nursing practitioner Joan Dileo said she feels Haberman brought a sense of youth to the practice in the early days, while Cohen brought a personal approach that not only focused on the best practices in the field but also the importance of home remedies and common sense. Cohen passed away years ago, but Haberman, now in his 70s, still practices at the office with the same youthful enthusiasm, she said.

“He is a person who comes to work whistling and happy,” she said of Haberman.

Dileo said she remembers one specific memory of Haberman that illustrates his personality well.

Gilbert said Haberman never forgets a face and takes pleasure in seeing his patients return with their own children.

While the practice has a long history in the area, it does its best to stay up to date with the latest practices as well. All the doctors are board-certified and members of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which creates standards in practiced pediatric medicine.

The practice follows the recommendations of the academy in terms of bringing in new vaccines and also performing new tests.

“Our doctors are very proactive, constantly reading their journals,” said Dileo, a nurse practitioner. “If you come to Hamilton Pediatrics, you can be assured all of the vaccinations are up to date and tests will be performed from hearing to vision.”

They also perform CHAT tests for early signs of autism.

To keep kids comfortable and occupied, the examining rooms are decorated in a travel theme. One room is the Africa room and another is Antarctica room, featuring posters and other objects. The children also receive lollipops or stickers after a visit.

The practice also tries to be flexible with its hours.

“We are patient oriented,” Gilbert said. “We understand the patient base out there is mostly a working population, so we try to accommodate them.”

Evening appointments can be made as necessary and the practice is generally open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday through Friday and 8:30 a.m. to noon Saturday.

It is located on 1255 Whitehorse Mercerville road, suite 501, building B, Mercerville.

For more information, call (609) 581-4480 or go online to