H & H Designer Appliance Center owner Kenny Horowitz stands in one of his showroom’s model kitchens. Staff photo by Rob Anthes.

Windsor’s H & H Designer Appliance Center has all its bases covered.

Whether a customer seeks a basic refrigerator or a high-end grill, H & H sets itself apart by offering a variety of appliances in a variety of price ranges with a well-versed staff that can help customers sort through all the options, owner Kenny Horowitz said.

“We tell people what their options are and let them choose,” Horowitz said. “We don’t pressure you, but we do educate. We try to sell people what they need and not what we want to sell.”

The wide selection and knowledgeable staff has been Horowitz’s goal since he helped start the appliance branch of H & H Gas and Appliances in 1968. Horowitz launched the division somewhat modestly by selling secondhand appliances as a supplement to the business his father, Harry, began in 1947 to service area farmers. Meanwhile, Horowitz’s brother, Larry, assumed operations of the propane gas portion of H & H.

The appliance branch has advanced to the point now where even contractors visit the shop to get information and advice for projects, he said.

Many potential customers know they want to remodel their kitchen, for example, but don’t have any specific direction or vision. Horowitz has organized one of H & H’s three showrooms like a series of kitchens, so visitors can visualize what the appliances will look like with certain cabinets and flooring.

And if a customer has older appliances, H & H stocks replacement parts. That helps customers save money because they won’t have to buy new appliances and worry about redesigning their kitchen to match them, Horowitz said.

That service further highlights Horowitz’s concern with being able to assist anyone that may call on H & H for help.

“We still sell the standard and high-end appliances, but we have all the ranges in between,” Horowitz said. “You have a full selection when you come in here. We can hit any budget.”

H & H Designer Appliance Center also carries a large range of gas grills, and Horowitz considers his business as the region’s specialist in outdoor kitchens. Grills from companies like Dacor, Wolf and Big Green Egg are featured.

Projects involving patios usually increase with when warm weather approaches, and this has been especially popular this year, Horowitz said. People have been installing built-in, high-end grills, outdoor refrigeration and even sinks with running water on their patios in preparation for summer entertaining.

The outdoor kitchen can be tricky to execute, though, even as it becomes more prevalent. H & H Designer Appliance Center can aid customers avoid common mistakes in their planning.

“Most people don’t know how to build these things,” Horowitz said. “We’ve done enough of them to know. People want to squeeze stuff in. We tell them what they can fit in the space.”

H & H Designer Appliance Center is open Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. and is located at 80 N. Main St., off of Route 130, in Windsor. For more information, call (609) 448-3232 or visit hhappliance.com.

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