Rapid Response owners, Jim Hearney, Jerry Rovner and Terry Ikey stand in front of some of their computer equipment. Photo by Sean Cogan.
Rapid Response owners, Jim Hearney, Jerry Rovner and Terry Ikey stand in front of some of their computer equipment. Photo by Sean Cogan.

By Sean Cogan

In today’s increasingly technological world where computers are of growing importance, there is increasing susceptibility to personal information being stolen or lost.

In a small building littered with computer parts, screens and blinking lights, an army of three men fight back against viruses. Their weapon of choice is the computer.

Rapid Response Computer Service, the only computer store in Robbinsville, is owned by Jerry Rovner, Terry Ikey and Jim Hearney. The company provides a wide array of services, with information protection ranking among the most important.

“Everybody is getting a computer,” Rovner said. “Computers are becoming such a staple that the prices are dropping and it wouldn’t be worth selling computers. The market is in protecting the information on those computers.”

Rovner and Hearney explained that with people constantly trying to get things, such as music and movies, for free on the Internet, they bypass any antivirus programs they might have, which opens their computers up to viruses.

“When people go to that many sites, they can be preyed upon by malicious people,” Rovner said. “They just cannot keep their computers safe from being attacked.”

According to Rovner, there are more than 1000 new viruses created every week, making it near impossible for antivirus software to be able to catch everything.

“It is like going to the hospital and saying, ‘I am going to get a broken arm tomorrow so can you put the cast on now?’” Rovner said. “People just don’t know what they are going to be attacked with.”

Rapid Response helps customers back up their data and provides data recovery, virus removal and repair services if a customer’s computer does get a virus. The company has repaired about 250 computers this year, Rovner said.

For businesses, Rapid Response offers data backup on their own personal server. To ensure that the information is entirely safe, the data is also saved on a disk that is locked in a bank vault every night.

Rapid Response is just beginning to get into network security for businesses to ensure that they cannot be hacked into, Ikey said. This service is especially helpful to bankers and lawyers, Rovner said.

According to Rovner, Rapid Response provides great service for a low price. Also, there are no long wait times like there are at biggest stores such as Best Buy.

“Since we are all owners, everything has to be done fast,” Rovner said. “Our reputation is built upon that.”

Also, with their computerized telephone service, they can be reached at all times. For example, if someone calls the store and puts in Rovner’s extension, if he misses the call in his office, it will be redirected immediately to his cell phone.

According to Rovner, Rapid Response is the only disabled veteran-owned company in the Robbinsville area. Rovner served in the United States Navy and Ikey served in the Marines.

Rovner received the U.S. Small Business Administration’s New Jersey 2006 Veteran Small Business Champion of the Year award. He works closely with the New Jersey Small Business Administration to aid and advise returning veterans in picking up their businesses free of charge.

For more information, call (609) 945-2389 or go online to computerandnetworkservice.com. Rapid Response Computer Service is located 2313 Rt. 33 in Robbinsville.