Karthik Chandrasekaran, an eighth grade student at Grover Middle School, presented “Internet Dangers” at Plainsboro Library. His talk, in conjunction with his cognetics gold satori award, included the issues. He also explained cognetics and the National Talent Network. He researched the topic with group members when he was in the seventh grade. The group later created a game.##M:[more]##

Chandrasekaran talked about the lack of supervision on the Internet, and how people can take advantage of this and make it a dangerous place. “On May 21, 2001 there was the first death of a child linked directly to an Internet predator,” he says. “There are more than 60,"000 predators looking to establish trust based friendships that will eventually lead to face-to-face encounters. Children must be educated about this risky problem.”

According to Chandrasekaran, “Cognetics is a combination of art and science.“ They start out by brainstorming a problem in any field of matter. Solutions are created in a skit. “It is a creative way of expressing one your solutions through a perspective of your own,” he says. “It is a team sport for the mind and teaches the process of creative thinking through problem solving and analysis.”

Cognetics is one of the several programs offered by the National Talent Network for grades K to 12. For more information regarding the National Talent Network and Cognetics visit www.eirc.org/ntn.