Evelyn Goldrind has owned Evelyn’s Stacy clothing store in Lawrence for nine years. The shop mascot is Coco, a maltese. Staff photo by Diana Pichardo.

Evelyn’s Stacy, a clothing store located at located at 2495 U.S. 1, combines modern-chic with classic appeal to dress the professional woman in style.

And, there’s a little something for every taste, darling.

“We are so much more than a boutique, it’s a full service specialty shop for females with discriminating taste,” said owner Evelyn Goldrind

“I think part of the charm is we appeal to all age brackets,” she said.

Plus, if shoppers don’t like the color of a shirt, blouse or skirt they see, chances are they can get it in a shade they prefer, she said. Simply try on a suit from one of the collections and see if you like it the way it looks. If not, make your preferences known, she said.

A special area they have is a complete custom-knit collection. Every item is available in 40 colors, knitted to fit the customer’s body.

“It’s a collection that businesswomen love. It really is a special collection,” she said.

There is always something new at the shop.

“We receive new merchandise every day,” she said.

Goldrind, a graduate of the Tobe Coburn School, a fashion institute in New York, knows her stuff.

“I’ve never once wearied of my industry, in the 49 years that I’ve been in it,” she said. “I never had one day where I didn’t want to go to work.”

When scouting for new apparel, an item must “talk to her” to find a spot in the boutique, she said.

Goldrind chooses the apparel based on the fabric and also on what she sees as her customer’s expectations, she said.

“A lot of the inspiration comes from me to my designers, knowing what my customers look for,” she said.

The store has a long history in Lawrence. The original shop, named Stacy, was owned by Robert Albert. It was located in a different store-front of the shopping complex and had a shoe department. When Albert retired, around nine years ago, Goldrind, who had already worked for him for more than 30 years, took over.

Evelyn’s Stacy is still big on custom-designed and embroidered apparel as well as special occasion gowns and suits for the mother of the bride, sweet 16 princesses and more.

Mother of the bride and mother of the groom outfits are among the shop’s most popular wares.

There is a large selection of gowns from many designers. That includes a vast selection of silhouettes, chiffon bottoms, off-the-shoulder or strapless selections, sleek body dresses and more. There are different outfits for different body types.

Also, alterations are done in house by three European trained sewing staff, Goldrind said.

The shop also offers a variety of sportswear, including novelty tops, embroidered blouses, rhinestone jeans and more.

“One of the popular items in our sports department is our special jackets,” she said.

The shop is known for its high-quality reversible jackets, she said.

The sportswear comes in sizes extra small to extra large; dresses are sizes 2 to 20, 1x and 2x.

Evelyn Stacy’s clothes are generally for women with extra cash to spend.

On average, a knit-suit is $750.

There are stylish items from the Brighton Collection, which includes handbags, jewelry and accessories.

They run three major sales a year and there’s almost always a clearance rack.

Goldrind said she wants her customers to feel welcomed.

When a customer walks in there’s a good chance he or she will find Goldrind and her little dog Coco, a white maltese, ready to greet them.

“I would like customers to feel homey, comfortable and above all not pressured,” she said.

The store is open Monday to Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and closes at 7 p.m. on Thursdays.

For more information, call (609) 882-2821.