George Ranieri is here to clean up this closet. And if that means hangin’ then there’s gonna be hangin’. Double hangin’ if necessary. Photo by Diccon Hyatt.

George Ranieri has been in all kinds of closets. He’s seen closets of men with shirts neatly lined up and organized by color. Closets that contained nothing but shoes. And, every once in a while, a closet that cannot be helped. A closet that is beyond all power to organize.

For that is what his company does – visits your messy closet, takes a complete inventory of everything contained therein and builds a specialized rack with shelves and hangers for every last object, be it a shoe, a tie, an Indian bangle, a safe or a shelf with a false bottom for stowing unnamed contraband.

“Everything has its place,” he said.

Ranieri has been in business for about five years in Ewing as the owner of a Closet & Storage Concepts Franchise. From an office at 828 Silvia Street, Ranieri sends designers to clients’ homes to build wood storage units ranging from plain white to faux walnut. The cost is variable, usually coming out to $75 to $100 per linear foot. Most closets can accommodate one of the company’s hanging racks, unless a trendy sloped ceiling blocks installation.

In most cases, it only takes a day to build one.

“You are literally putting clothing away the moment we walk out of the house,” Ranieri said.

For that price, a chaotic closet can become organized.

Of course, that is not always possible. Ranieri said about half of his clients are generally organized people (like himself) who want the designers to make their closets even more organized. The other half are people who may in fact be hopeless cases; perpetual slobs who are buying a closet organizer as a stopgap measure.

“A large percentage of people have too much stuff,” Ranieri said. “You have to be very diplomatic with them. I say ‘Well, you’ll probably go through your clothes and find that there are things in there you don’t wear anymore.’”

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