Dear Editor:

I would like to congratulate Will Anklowitz on his victory in this election; Will worked hard and ran a good campaign. I look forward to working together with him to address all of the challenges and opportunities facing West Windsor.

Next I would like to thank Barbara Pfeiffer. Instead of sitting on the sidelines urging others to get involved, she had the courage to enter the arena and made a difference. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.

We should not misinterpret the results of this election as a vote against the Transit Village. Rather, it is a message that we need to do an even better job of educating the public about what possibilities the Redevelopment of Princeton Junction offers. Too often, a lack of information creates a vacuum which can be filled by distortions from special interests with goals contrary to those of the larger community.

When I was reelected last year with 87% of the vote, I made the Transit Village a centerpiece of my platform. Now that we are on the verge of moving forward we must be sure that everyone’s voice is heard during the process and that the process remains open, as it has been, to everyone in the community.

The Transit Village will not affect just one neighborhood; it will affect everybody in West Windsor. It will offer a town center in which to gather and interact with friends and neighbors, more parking for our residents, public amenities, and opportunities for all to live, shop and work. The Transit Village represents the future and I am confident that as the redevelopment planning process unfolds and people learn more about it, they will become supporters.

Our vision is clear, our goals are attainable and together we will all work to do what is best for West Windsor.


Shing-Fu Hsueh